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  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: Helmel Engineering Products, Inc.

    Toolots is happy to announce the addition of a new vendor, Helmel Engineering Products, Inc., to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative. Based in Niagara Falls, New York with an office in Anaheim, Calif., Helmel Engineering designs, manufactures, sells, and services coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and software for use in the automotive, aerospace, and general manufacturing industries. Helmel’s products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.

    Originally founded in 1973 as Helmel Engineering Co in Rochester, New York, the company assisted in the design of General Motors automatic assembly lines, and completed machine customization for large printing companies such as Xerox and Kodak (Helmel). Now Helmel’s CMMs are built using a proprietary mechanical bearing system which is extremely useful for design and production applications requiring a high level of reliability. Furthermore, Helmel specializes in surface grinding straightness which increases consistency and allows the company to build CMMs with higher levels of accuracy. To optimize the precision and proper use of their machines, Helmel uses lasers to calibrate machines before shipment, and sends in-house technicians and engineers to perform machine installation and product training.

    Toolots is excited to offer our domestic and international customers quality CMMs and software through the inclusion of Helmel Engineering. For purchasing information, visit Helmel Engineering Product, Inc.’s marketplace on


  • Vendor Spotlight: Atosa Catering Equipment, Inc.

    Atosa Catering Equipment President Michael Shao said his company's product quality and emphasis on service sets them apart from competitors.

    BREA, Calif. – July 3, 2017 – Atosa Catering Equipment, Inc., a leading provider of commercial refrigeration, gas equipment, food warmers and smallwares, didn’t start out as a global business. But by focusing on providing excellent customer service, reliable equipment at aggressively competitive prices, and by funding research and development to enable product innovation, Atosa Catering has established a wide ranging customer base that has allowed them to extend sales to more than 100 countries so far.

    Founded in 2003 and based in Hangzhou, China, the family-owned company now led by President Michael Shao started small. Ten years after it was founded, Atosa expanded its sales into the United States marketplace. Today, Atosa Catering Equipment now has 12 facilities stretched across the United States, all staffed with in-house technicians to provide after-sales service – an aspect of the business model Atosa leadership takes seriously.

    Atosa first expanded its reach into the U.S. market four years ago, and now utilizes a network of authorized distributors to get its efficient and long-lasting refrigeration equipment in the hands of American commercial consumers, including on through a distribution agreement with Toolots’ sister company, Bolton Tools. Shao said customers have relayed that the quality of Atosa products greatly exceeds their expectations and that their extensive service network, with technicians available in 12 states and on-demand across the country, help ensure long-term sales into the future.

    “Nobody in this industry has this kind of service,” he said. “Customers tell us they’re extremely happy with my company’s products and service. The American saying goes ‘you get what you pay for,’ but with Atosa Catering Equipment, you get more than you pay for.”

    As a testament to the company’s emphasis on excellent service, the entire Atosa USA sales team has visited the company’s factory in Hangzhou, as part of an educational trip to help them become more familiar with not only the products, but the people and the technology behind them.

    One of many Atosa products perfect for commercial and industrial applications is the bottom mount three-door refrigerator - promising not only energy cost savings but also reliability, competitive affordability and longevity.

    “They were impressed by our China facility and were amazed at how much automation is available. The experience makes them more confident selling on the U.S. market,” Shao said.

    Since Atosa products hit the Toolots Merchant Center in May through the Bolton Tools agreement, sales of the global company’s products have increased, as have inquiries from new customers looking for durable yet cost-effective commercial refrigeration units.

    Speaking of Toolots Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jason Fu, whom Shao has developed an effective business relationship with since, he said, “Jason is a visionary businessman. What he is doing with Toolots is inspiring.”

    “With the help of Toolots, we’ll be penetrating markets we didn’t expect to be in,” Shao added.

    When asked what sets apart Atosa products from its competition, the company president said heavy, longstanding investments in research and development, striving for increased energy efficiency and durability, are a top priority. The company does not cut corners, but strives to serve as a responsible ambassador of what the best of Chinese manufacturing can truly accomplish.

    “You have to invest heavily in R&D. Your quality cannot be dropped,” Shao said. “You need to keep investing to do everything you can to defend your brand, your reputation. Conquer the problems in order to make your product better and better.”

    One of the challenges faced by many foreign companies considering entering the U.S. market, Atosa included, are the shifting legal standards, import restrictions, labor laws and many others. With Toolots’ help, Atosa has access to logistical, capital and other types of support that makes the manufacturer’s job easier.

    “Toolots allows them to focus on product development, education and guiding them to comply with U.S. laws and standards,” Shao said.

    Shao added he believes himself to be an ambassador for the Chinese manufacturing industry, taking pride in the heavy investments into research and development to make his company’s products more efficient year after year and of increasingly high quality. Additionally, an emphasis on growing the company’s service team, both from a customer service and technical perspective, has helped grow Atosa’s reputation, Shao said.

    Looking ahead, the Atosa Catering Equipment president added, “I am excited about the future of Atosa. I have great faith in Toolots. It has great leadership and a professional team. It’s an excellent platform for Chinese manufacturers to enter the U.S. marketplace."

    Atosa Catering Equipment Inc., products are currently available on and are distributed through Bolton Tools. For additional information, visit or contact our Customer Service Representatives at (844) 866-5687.

  • Toolots Announces 2nd Annual Manufacturing Exchange Summit

    Toolots has announced its 2nd Annual US-China Manufacturing Exchange Summit will take place Sept. 24-26, 2017 at the historic Grand Pacific Hotel in Yuyao, China.

    Join Medical Device Manufacturers, Trade Associations, Government Officials and More in Yuyao, China

    CERRITOS, Calif. – July 3, 2017 –With the 2nd Annual US-China Manufacturing Exchange Summit, Toolots, Inc. continues to cultivate fruitful relationships between American and Chinese advanced manufacturing communities. Hosted by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCHMPIE) and the Sino-Italy Ningbo Eco Park, involving high-level industry professionals, regulators and government officials, the Summit provides a platform to accelerate international expansion and expand your global network. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience China, learning first-hand what it takes to effectively sell innovative medical devices, health-related products and more on the Asian marketplace, directly from venture capitalists, investors, and executives who take advantage of a unified cross-border strategy to succeed globally.

    The 2nd Annual US-China Manufacturing Exchange Summit, centering on the medical device industry and related regulations, logistics and more, will take place Sept. 24-26, 2017, as part of Toolots’ yearly initiative to promote improved relations between both countries and simplify global commerce within the advanced manufacturing community. The event will be hosted at the historic Grand Pacific Hotel in Yuyao, China, part of the eastern Zhejiang Province close to the busiest port in the world, based on shipping volumes, the Ningbo Zhoushan Port.

    Some participating companies in the medical device and health product industry include China MEHECO Corporation, Shanghai Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Tianjin Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Jiangsu High Hope International Group, China National Scientific Instruments and Materials Corporation.  In addition to a host of large, influential Chinese companies, Toolots and its partners have arranged for a significant presence of venture capitalist firms interested in investing in innovative American companies and products. Some of the principal firms attending the Summit include Sequoia Capital, Cybernaut, Histtone Capital, Hill House Capital, TusPark Ventures and Yangming Capital.

    Panel discussions on how to succeed in the global marketplace, protecting intellectual property, and industry developments, among other topics, will help to inform attendees from the U.S. and China, and serve as an educational tool to guide their businesses and organizations. Scheduled discussions will involve officials from the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products, a wide range of executives from both U.S. and China-based medical device companies, and others.

    Attendees have the rare opportunity to connect directly with authorities and other professionals in China who can provide logistical or capital assistance, whether you are seeking to register a medical device or other innovative health product, or wish to expand your business operations and network. Space is limited to 30 medical device companies in total, so secure your place today. To sign up, please register via our Eventbrite page here or send us an email at To stay up to date with the latest event information, be sure to visit


    • Enjoy personalized matchmaking of U.S and Chinese manufacturers for more meaningful and productive networking.
    • Roundtable dialogues between international trade experts, manufacturers, and government leaders will help inform and guide real-world business decisions.
    • Tour advanced manufacturing facilities in Ningbo, an industrial stronghold, to see first-hand what China and its industrial capabilities are truly like.


    The China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products is the leading national trade association in China, aiming to improve international trade and relationships within the biomedical and healthcare industries. With over 2,400 companies in the association, including major manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and medical product sectors, the CCCMHPIE has the most extensive network of any organization in the industry. As a guest at the Summit, you will have an incredible opportunity to connect with these industry professionals who routinely market and sell the products you, as a US-based manufacturer, develop and distribute.

    The Sino-Italy Ningbo Eco Park, a collaborative effort between the Chinese and Italian governments for a new industrial development focusing on advanced manufacturing, is planning for a new 18-square-mile manufacturing district, a residential/commercial district and an ecological park to guide sustainable industrialization. The goal is for the area to become a hub for innovative research and development involving cooperation between Chinese, American, and European companies.

    Panels will be held on topics including:

    •         Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
    •         Land, Labor and Capital in China
    •         Navigating Customs and Globalized Logistics
    •         Effective Marketing and Sales in China

    What: 2nd Annual US-China Manufacturing Exchange Summit

    When: Sept. 24-26, 2017

    Where: Grand Pacific Hotel, 168 S Binjiang Rd, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China, 315400

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