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  • Toolots Launches Companion App YuuTool for Manufacturing Community

    YuuTool, released this December on Apple and Android marketplaces, connects owners and users of industrial machinery with technicians for repairs, maintenance, and more.

    December 16, 2016 Update: YuuTool has officially launched. To learn how to register, watch the video (below) or visit the YuuTool website.

    A screenshot of the easy, user-to-user interface A screenshot of the easy, user-to-user interface

    CERRITOS, Calif. - December 12, 2016 - A smartphone application developed by Toolots Inc., a California-based provider of factory-direct industrial machinery, equipment and technology, will soon connect customers around the world in need of repairs and maintenance on their equipment with qualified technicians based on the customer’s location. The application and online user-to-user resource network released by Toolots this month, called YuuTool, makes it easy to find a qualified service technician in your vicinity, no matter where you are. Yuutool’s unique design also allows qualified and vetted technicians to find local repair jobs. YuuTool is free to download on both the Apple and Android marketplaces.

    Developed to help manufacturers minimize operational downtime and avoid costly replacement machinery, YuuTool allows customers to focus on daily business operation tasks while mechanics come directly to you - from anywhere in the world. The application is easy to use, and contains a variety of helpful features such as text and picture messaging allowing customers and vendors to efficiently and effectively communicate. Take additional comfort in knowing that each partnering service provider has been vetted by Toolots, and the work performed satisfies any existing Toolots warranty.

    Through our proprietary smartphone application for both Apple and Android devices, YuuTool draws up a network of qualified mechanics near you, allowing you to choose and connect to the right professional for your specific equipment. The process is simple; open the app, click on a qualified mechanic at your preferred location, and call or email them directly through the application. It’s just as easy for vendors, who are only listed on YuuTool after thorough review of qualifications and vetting, to connect with customers and respond to their questions.

    YuuTool also includes an online forum and classified marketplace, allowing the machine tooling and manufacturing community a platform to interact and connect, solve mechanical problems or machine-related issues, and/or sell industrial equipment, tools, and components. The application provides user-to-user resources, empowering the industrial machinery sector to work together at the local level to find solutions.

    “YuuTool will change the way our customers, existing and future, think about repairs and maintenance on their industrial machinery. Mechanics come directly to you under our model,” said Toolots Chief Operating Officer Raymond Cheng. “Our mission is to increase access to services, help customer equipment stay in order longer and under warranty to prevent production disruptions and to ensure our customers are satisfied.”

    For more information about how YuuTool can help keep your essential machinery in working order, visit our website at The application is now available for free download on the Apple and Android online marketplaces.

    Features include:

        -Vetted network: YuuTool helps connect you with an international network of qualified service technicians who are ready to repair and service your industrial machinery, helping you keep up with demand and production.
        -Proprietary smartphone app: YuuTool’s application finds the technicians near you, pulling from a network of trained mechanics to minimize your operation downtime. Developed specifically for use by our customers, this application is user-friendly.
        -Quality repairs: Maintenance and repair services are performed by a network of skilled, experienced technicians and backed by the YuuTool warranty. No longer will customers have to single handedly track down a provider to maintain their warrantied equipment or devices.
      -Administrative support: Take comfort knowing that we at YuuTool have the administrative support to walk you through the process from start to finish, ensuring the job is done right. Our customer service team will guide you through the simple sign up procedure and proactively answer any questions you may have.

    For more information about YuuTool or Toolots, please contact Samantha Hyatt, Director of Public Affairs, at

  • Toolots Summit: Congressman Ed Royce Advocates Deeper Global Ties, 'Level Playing Field'

    During keynote speech, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and U.S. Congressman Ed Royce addresses international attendees at Toolots’ inaugural event

    U.S. Congressman Ed Royce speaking at the Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit. U.S. Congressman Ed Royce addresses guests at the Toolots Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit Aug. 29, 2016

    CERRITOS, Calif. – Aug. 29, 2016 – U.S. Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee since 2013, addressed an international audience at the Toolots Manufacturing Summit on Monday. He spoke about the need for international trade agreements that provide mutual benefit for both the United States and China, and advocated increased dialogue and collaboration with global partners.

    Royce's speech was one of many given by distinguished guests from the private and public sectors in both countries at the event hosted by Toolots, an E-Commerce business headquartered in Cerritos, Calif. that provides industrial machinery, tools and equipment to worldwide manufacturers.

    “One of our goals is to deepen and expand ties between Asia and the United States,” Royce said, speaking to industry, government and thought leaders from the United States and China. “We want everyone in this room to have a level playing field.”

    The Congressman, who represents the 39th District of California and also serves on the House Financial Services Committee, said one aspect of the U.S. government’s focus is on cultural exchanges between the two countries – but it’s deeper than that.

    “(It’s also) on the issues of how we can address some of the mutual concerns; how we can get a bilateral treaty and an agreement with high standards for mutual benefit,” he added. “We want to open market access for our manufacturers who are trading.”

    Recognizing California’s significance to not only the U.S. but world economies, Royce said “trade here is in our DNA” and pointed out the state does approximately $165 billion each year in the import/export industry.

    After speaking to the audience about California’s place in the world and ways China and the United States can work together to solve mutual problems, from intellectual property protection concerns to customs and regulatory issues, Royce presented Toolots Chief Executive Officer Jason Fu with an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol. It was accompanied by a certificate of authenticity provided by the Architect of the Capitol.

    Later, Royce expressed appreciation for the opportunity to meet with international leaders at the Summit. He stressed both the value and importance in interacting with world leaders to solve shared problems.

    “That strategy of continuing to engage is one I think is very important for the United States and China,” he added.

  • Toolots Summit: Leaders Explore Shared Values, Intellectual Property Protections

    Toolots Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit brings together key individuals from the U.S. and China for open, honest and productive dialogues

    CERRITOS, Calif. Aug. 29, 2016 – Monday was the first of the three-day Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit, involving key discussions between industry, government and thought leaders from both the United States and China. The Summit was hosted at Toolots, Inc. headquarters in Cerritos, California, and served as a bridge to connect leaders in both countries through open, honest and productive dialogues.

    summit01 The panel on Protecting Intellectual Property included Bill Mongelluzzo, senior editor of the Journal of Commerce; Vice-Mayor of Yuyao, China, Han Baishun; Frank Cullen Jr. with the GIPC; Gu Liquin, deputy chief of the Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone; Jason Yu and Jonathan Jaech, partners and attorneys at law with Los Angeles-based Snell & Wilmer

    The first topic addressed was intellectual property protections, and ways manufacturers can ensure their innovative technologies remain out of the hands of counterfeiters or those who seek to illegally replicate the products through patent or trademark infringement. Crediting the strides China has made in recent years was Frank Cullen Jr., executive director of intellectual property policy with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC), who pointed to China’s rising through the ranks of the GIPC’s Global Intellectual Property Index. It analyzes the strength of intellectual property (IP) laws in trading countries around the world, enforcement efforts and other considerations.

    Cullen recognized recent enforcement actions by Chinese authorities to stifle the proliferation of counterfeit products from not only trade ports and factory floors, but also the online stores where illegitimate products are sold in the first place. Preserving brand integrity and protecting innovation are protected is critical to IP worldwide, he said.

    “Great progress has been made and I’m seeing openness relating to intellectual property, but there is still room for improvement” Cullen said, describing the increased attention Chinese authorities are paying to illegal efforts by counterfeiters and increased domestic enforcement efforts against others who seek to tilt the playing field. “You know, the U.S. used to be a leader in enforcement (based on the Global IP Index). We’re No. 5. So we need to do a little bit of a better job ourselves, and certainly improvement can go around.”

    Vice Mayor of Yuyao, China, Han Baishun, also acknowledged a shared responsibility to protect intellectual property originating from international businesses. He added that there is an intellectual property protection association based in China that investigates and follows up on related complaints, in addition to a wide range of government agencies that do the same.

    “We need to be the ones protecting intellectual property, not just you,” Baishun said, addressing U.S. leaders also involved in the panel discussion. “We need to include everybody (in these dialogues), follow statewide law and have overarching laws around our country. It’s important to pay attention to the international points of view; we can learn from the others.”

    Chinese government officials report complaints of intellectual property theft to enforcement hubs in Beijing and other key areas, Baishun explained.

    Deputy Chief Gu Liquin of the Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, a Chinese governmental organization, added, “I believe that to protect intellectual property is to protect our collective future.”

    He pointed to an example in December where a Chinese company was discovered to have violated existing trademarks. “We asked them to remove the products immediately,” Liquin said. “We do and we will always try our best to protect intellectual property rights.”

    The country’s circuit court provides individuals and corporations with a “comprehensive process that provides you with the rights you should have,” Liquin said.

    The discussion was moderated by veteran journalist Bill Mongelluzzo, senior editor of the Journal of Commerce, which provides leading coverage of trade and transportation around the world.

    Attorneys Jason Yu and Jonathan Jaech, partners with Los Angeles-based Snell & Wilmer, contributed their expertise on intellectual property and patent law, describing how the legal process differs in China and the United States. Generally speaking, it costs less to file a lawsuit compared to the United States, and the process is much quicker.

    Yu said the average lawsuit in the state of California takes about 20 to 24 months from start to finish, while the process can take only a matter of weeks in China and fees are much lower. However, lawsuits in the U.S. allow for greater discovery to take place, a legal term to describe the process where evidence is shared between the prosecution and the defense.

    “I’m where the rubber meets the road, as a litigator,” Yu said, adding that patents are of great value in protecting intellectual property beforehand. Yu and Jaech explained that patents are a critical piece of the intellectual property puzzle, whether that is in the United States, China or in both countries.

    If a patent is worth money in the United States, Jaech said it is also worth money in China and worth investigating to add a new layer of infringement protections.

    Vice Mayor Baishun elaborated, stating that there are no regional differences between patents across all of China. If it is valid in one Chinese province, it is valid statewide, according to Baishun.

    Describing what could help drive increased foreign investments into the Chinese marketplace, Cullen with the U.S. Chamber’s Global Intellectual Property Center said removing the uncertainty some companies have is essential.

    “When you have IP systems that are strong and create protections for companies, you will see a direct link to investment. Access to capital comes when you (companies) say, ‘I’m able to secure this product in the marketplace,’” he said.

    Following the panel, founder and chief executive officer of Toolots, Jason Fu, remarked, “I’ve learned a lot through these discussions and speeches given by our distinguished guests.”

    Fu described how he came to the United States as a Chinese immigrant in the 1990s, dreaming of coming to the country and starting a business since he was young. The successful business owner has owned and operating a wide range of companies throughout his career, but said it all came together when he created an online marketplace for industrial tools through the Bolton Group shortly after emigrating from China. Capitalizing on the Internet as a sales platform early on, Fu said the introduction of Google AdWords was “revolutionary” in helping connect directly with customers in need of equipment.

    “We are feeling the magic of the Internet, and its power,” Fu said of Toolots, a company he launched to provide industrial machinery from A to Z all around the world, similar to Amazon’s online marketplace where consumers are directly connected with manufacturers. Toolots is headquartered in Cerritos, California, and has locations in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Houston, Texas.

    The Toolots Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit will continue through Aug. 31, 2016.

  • Toolots Launches E-Commerce Marketplace

    Toolots Launches E-Commerce Website for Factory-Direct Industrial Tools, Machinery and Technology

    Online marketplace and distribution channel simplifies global commerce for manufacturers in the United States and Asia

    CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. – May 5, 2016 – Toolots, Inc., a company that provides a factory-direct e-commerce platform for international manufacturers to easily and affordably purchase and sell industrial tools, machinery and technology, announces the launch of The online marketplace and distribution channel creates fast, easy access to high-quality, affordable industrial equipment for manufacturers around the world, while streamlining the purchase, delivery, installation and warranty of these products.

    Jason Fu, Toolots Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are passionate about enabling and fostering international trade relations, specifically between the United States and China. Global manufacturers can realize significant benefits from working together, but complexities within the supply chain often prohibit them from forming partnerships. Through, we provide a vessel to simplify global commerce and promote localized economic growth.” is an easy-to-use online platform for manufacturers to purchase and sell industrial tools, machinery and technology. The company provides a comprehensive distribution solution that centralizes and streamlines the marketing, sale, delivery, installation and warranty of high-quality, affordable industrial tools and machinery. Through its thoroughly vetted network of vendors and service technicians, Toolots upholds the quality of imported goods and a high standard of customer service.

    Raymond Cheng, Toolots Chief Operating Officer, said, “Toolots’ mission to streamline industrial commerce worldwide is centered on an innovative, localized approach to distribution. Similar to well-known consumer e-commerce sites, Toolots has strategically located warehouses throughout the U.S. and China to speed up the fulfillment process. A shorter shipping timeline will reduce downtime and improve productivity for manufacturers.”

    Toolots partners with vendors that have a history of producing high-quality products. To provide a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment, Toolots looks for vendors that have a full line of products and manufacture most, if not all, the parts of the equipment in their own factories. Toolots is looking to add U.S. Manufacturers to its preferred vendor program and asks companies interested in extending their distribution channels to read more about selling with Toolots.

    About is an online marketplace and international distribution channel for factory-direct industrial tools, machines and technology. The easy-to-use platform creates fast, easy access to high-quality, affordable equipment for manufacturers around the world. Toolots’ comprehensive services streamline the purchase, delivery, installation and warranty of industrial tools, machinery and technology, and uphold the quality of imported goods through a thoroughly vetted network of vendors and service technicians. The company’s dedication to fostering international trade relations passes cost savings on to the consumer, resulting in reduced downtime, improved productivity and an expanded workforce. Toolots is headquartered in California, and owns warehouses and showrooms across the United States and China. For more information, visit

  • Toolots Announces Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit to Promote Trade Between the United States and China

    Summit in Cerritos, California, Aug. 29-31, 2016, will explain how to navigate the complexities of international trade and simplify global commerce

    CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. – May 18, 2016 – Toolots, Inc., a company that provides a factory-direct e-commerce platform for international manufacturers to easily and affordably purchase and sell industrial tools, machinery and technology, announces its Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit. The event will be held at its headquarters in Cerritos, California, Aug. 29-31, 2016. Designed to promote international trade between the United States and China, the Summit will delve into key topics for navigating the complex logistical and administrative requirements of international commerce.

    Jason Fu, founder and CEO, Toolots, said, “U.S. manufacturers that want to sell their equipment overseas are often discouraged by the complexities of international trade. Plus, many do not have the resources to spend on marketing their products overseas or the ability to provide after-sale service to customers. The goal of this Summit is to help these manufacturers better understand how they can effectively sell their equipment to the Chinese manufacturing market.”

    At the Manufacturing Exchange Summit, Toolots is gathering the key players necessary to help facilitate international relations among U.S. and Chinese manufacturers. From a Chinese delegation responsible for global commerce to American manufacturers that have achieved success by streamlining distribution channels, discussions will cover a number of international trade topics, including:

    Protecting intellectual property Managing import and export logistics Handling currency exchange Navigating customs Marketing products overseas

    Attendees will have an opportunity to meet and network with leading experts in international trade, U.S.-based manufacturers and manufacturing association representatives. For more information or to attend, contact Toolots via email at or visit

    Media interested in attending the summit should contact Heather Andrews at or 240-686-1000.

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