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  • How Does Toolots Handle Warranties for Overseas Vendors?

    Our journey with our valued customers doesn't end at checkout. Once you purchase a product with us, our after-sales services are immediately available, helping you with questions you have about setup, troubleshooting and more. All of our products have a one-year warranty, so customers can buy with confidence.

    Traditionally, U.S. businesses have had to take on a certain level of risk when buying equipment and machinery from overseas. This is due in part to the difficulty in providing reliable warranty services in another country without a dedicated team. Toolots has changed all of that. For sellers lacking the ability to provide timely after-sales services overseas, Toolots has local service engineers on the ground who are trained to ensure a smooth buying process from start to finish for these products.

    Many of our overseas sellers are experienced selling to other countries but were once wary of tapping into the U.S. market due to the high standard for customer service here. One of our sellers in China, King Machinery, had previously sold their chocolate manufacturing and processing equipment to customers all over Europe, Russia, Latin America, and Asia, but it wasn't until they joined Toolots that they were able to enter the U.S. market.

    WIO Smart Foods Inc. (WIO), a company that sells healthy indulgent food options, bought a KING 132 refiner conche for chocolate grinding and refinement on They received a machine whose power panel was set up for another country and was not functioning properly as a result. That's where we came in.

    WIO is a fully operating business that makes a high volume of food every day. Initially, WIO outsourced their chocolate manufacturing, but they wanted to boost productivity and save money by bringing the chocolate manufacturing in-house. Their business is heavily reliant on chocolate, and because they received a machine they couldn't use, they were worried they wouldn't be able to deliver their products to their customers on time.

    Our service engineers inspect the chocolate conching machine.

    So, WIO reached out to us, and we worked together to come up with a solution that best suited their needs. If King Machinery had been operating without Toolots, the only option for satisfying the warranty would have been to ask WIO to send the machine back for a refund. With Toolots, WIO was able to take advantage of the other option of on-site service and thereby continue operations.

    To resolve the issue, our dedicated service engineers drove 13 hours from Orange County, CA to WIO’s facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. They discovered they would need to reconfigure the wiring to work in the U.S. Instead of having to wait for an international shipment of replacement parts, Toolots expedited the appropriate parts from its warehouse in California as soon as the problem was diagnosed. Our team was then able to quickly resolve the three-phase system issue as well as a leakage issue caused by the misconfiguration.

    Equipment and machinery made overseas is often more affordable for U.S. businesses, but the reliability is often viewed as riskier than purchasing domestically. We're here to change that. We want to make sure that international purchasing our site is just as reliable, so we help our vendors satisfy their warranties globally. From allowing businesses to bring key operations in-house that they couldn't afford otherwise, to disrupting barriers of entry for emerging businesses by bringing costs down, Toolots is truly a partner of small business in the U.S.

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