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  • Toolots, Inc. Receives Senate Certificate of Recognition as an Outstanding Enterprise


    Toolots, Inc., the Amazon for tools, has just been awarded a Senate Certificate of Recognition from the California Small Business Association, and for good reason. The business deals in industrial equipment and machinery and has been recognized as an outstanding enterprise in the 32nd District.

    With more than 600 vendor partners that span not only the US but also overseas, the company is considered to be the leading distribution channel for industrial tools, equipment, machinery, and technology.

    The Future of Factory-Friendly Industrial Tools and Solutions

    With a certificate of excellence now under its belt, Toolots is positioned to grow dramatically by introducing new product lines and categories. The aim is to ensure that merchants and clients can benefit from a large portfolio of products and services for better and faster customer service.

    Additionally, Toolots also vets service technicians and vendors thoroughly to ensure it can uphold product quality and provide consistent quality of service. This includes ensuring that their clients can find the equipment they need at prices that they can afford.

    The company ensures this by creating amiable relationships with vendors who not only provide the best equipment in the market but who also pass cost savings onto them.

    Fast, Affordable, and Efficient Delivery

    Toolots is known for taking an innovative approach to distribution that meets client specifications and practices. Besides ensuring a speedy fulfillment process via strategically located warehouses in China and the US, it also offers shorter shipping times. This not only reduces downtime, but it also speeds up productivity, which is only good for business.

    Keeping pace with its desire to maintain client relationships, Toolots renovated its 114,000 square foot facility in Cerritos. The facility boasts an expansive showroom that is designed to display some of the best products the company offers.

    Besides conducting a thorough viewing of the offerings, interested parties can also question on-site engineers on maintenance, equipment operation, and other aspects.

    However, the industrial influencer has not stopped there. Toolots is also planning to introduce more warehouses and showrooms country-wide. This is in-keeping with its promise to ensure the best customer experience for its growing, global clientele.

    With their online tool YuuTool working to facilitate their customer base by connecting them with appropriate service providers, Toolots is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

    Wide Range of Industrial Equipment and Machinery Available on Demand

    Toolots boasts a comprehensive selection of industrial tools that meets and exceeds expectations. This includes a range of injection mold machines, woodworking CNN routers, extruding machines, as well as plastic auxiliary equipment for the plastic machinery industry. With a complete range of plastic processing equipment and technologies, the industrial tool provider is well on its way to becoming a success.

    Toolots also caters to the metal machinery industry by providing an equally diverse selection of industrial metalworking equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, milling machines, cutting saws, and sharpeners that are strong enough for machine tools. Similarly, the company also caters to the food processing industry with bespoke equipment that can facilitate and increase production in any food-based establishment.

    However, Toolots is more than a simple ecommerce solution. Besides being an international channel for factory-direct tools and technology, it simplifies online sales for industrial businesses as well.

  • Industrial Business Leaders Gather at Toolots for a Roundtable Discussion with Toolots CEO Jason Fu

    Toolots has helped more than 400 manufacturers across the world sell their products through the Toolots e-marketplace platform. This sounds like a lot of working coming from a startup business, but there are many things that happen behind the scenes that help Toolots accomplish this.

    CSO Zeming Gao discusses the future of Toolots to Chinese manufacturers and Toolots employees.

    Because of the startup nature of our business, Toolots often encountered problems with new products from vendors. So, to alleviate this problem, Toolots came up with a system. Whenever a problem arises from new products, our employees write up a report card, listing exactly what's wrong with the product. Then, our business development team trains all relevant parties on how to resolve the issue, including the manufacturers, engineers and customer service team.

    "Whether we're in the startup phase or not, we will always be constantly learning," says Jason Fu, CEO of Toolots. "However, since we have so many product categories, we just have to learn a lot more information than traditional businesses – and quicker."

    To reduce the number of incidents, our customer service department is quickly learning every aspect of each machine that is being added onto the Toolots platform, from startup to troubleshooting. In addition to this, we offer a local call center, video troubleshooting and local engineers to help resolve any issues customers may face. This helps customers have peace of mind, knowing that they are being helped through every step of the buying process, including after-sales.

    "Toolots' product managers are doing a great job becoming familiar with my products," says Penny Yin from Ample Safety Tools. "I like how Toolots solves all the problems for me."

    We try our best at Toolots to ensure satisfaction among both customers and merchants on our platform. What we are doing is something that can't be replicated because of our pending patent. One manufacturer who attended the roundtable jokingly said that he was angry because he wished he thought of Toolots first.

    CEO Jason Fu and CSO Zeming Gao smile alongside Chinese leaders in manufacturing.
  • Toolots Talks Exports: Growing our Supply Side in China

    Over the past week, we have had the pleasure of having several distinguished guests from China over at our offices to chat about the growth of the supply side of our marketplace, both present and future. These included several key members of Jilin Province’s Department of Foreign Affairs (Europe and United States), as well as several of our machinery manufacturers in China. There is a lot of buzz about Toolots in China – here’s a look inside how we’re facilitating international trade and making waves in bringing affordable equipment and machinery to US small business.

    Although China has made great strides in opening up its economy over the past few decades, navigating the country’s business-government ecosystem is still incredibly challenging for companies who are unfamiliar with it. Growing and managing a user base of Chinese suppliers on an e-commerce platform is even more challenging. It’s no surprise that Porter Erisman, Alibaba Group’s former Vice President of International Marketing, often attests to these two very challenges throughout his highly acclaimed books and other writing on Alibaba and e-commerce more broadly.

    Fortunately for Toolots, CEO Jason Fu has nearly 20 years of experience working with that ecosystem. Of particular importance in this industry, though perhaps less obvious to the average US business owner, is ensuring the good graces of local government offices that are tasked with economic development in key provinces and cities. As each region is usually tied to only a handful of specific industries, the economic development departments of these regions are deeply familiar with their respective industries and have direct communication channels with business leaders in these industries. As such, garnering the willingness of these departments to vouch for Toolots to its constituent manufacturers is almost as important as promoting to the manufacturers themselves.

    CEO Jason Fu speaks with officials from Jilin Province

    While meeting with the representatives visiting from Jilin Province this week, Fu spoke about how Toolots is helping small and mid-sized Chinese manufacturers break into international trade. Jilin is one of the three provinces in Northeastern China. It is rich in natural resources, reaching about 4.4 billion USD in exports in 2017. Among their key export industries is timber and wood products, which includes products such as wood flooring, wood doors, furniture parts, plywood, particle board, and other engineered wood products and small wooden products.

    Similar to other local Chinese government offices, it is the role of commerce and foreign affairs officials from Jilin to seek potential economic development initiatives and foster international business interest in their region. Our visitors from the province were enthusiastic about Toolots because they recognize that our involvement with manufacturers in their region would align with their regional goals of providing relief to industrial over-capacity as well as pressuring their industries to be accountable for quality.

    Other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon have tried to woo Chinese manufacturers, but they have only had success for limited categories of consumer goods, leaving the enormous supply of Chinese industrial equipment largely untapped. That is to say, their model only allows them to support vendors who are largely self-sufficient from a platform perspective. Unsurprisingly, this means that the majority of Chinese equipment and machinery manufacturers are not able to successfully break into the US market using a platform like Amazon.

    Unlike consumer goods, industrial machinery requires a higher degree of English language customer support and after-sales services. Toolots makes it possible for US small businesses to get Alibaba prices (or lower) on Chinese machinery – without any fear of lacking customer service, after-sales support, adequate product information, warranty fulfillment, spare parts, customization accommodations, etc.

  • California State Treasurer, John Chiang visits Toolots USA Headquarters

    California State Treasurer, John Chiang, paid a visit to Toolots’ Cerritos headquarters on March 16, 2018, where he spoke to an audience of Toolots employees about his role as State Treasurer and his candidacy for California governor.

    After a brief introduction from Toolots CEO, Jason Fu, Chiang began by engaging the audience with a few statistics about California’s economy. “Today we’re producing about 2.5 trillion dollars’ worth of economic activity in this state,” Chiang said.

    “We’ve made incredible progress through innovative leaders and smart hardworking workers. We are an innovative economy,” he continued. Chiang then briefed the audience on his current role as California State Treasurer. “We invest our state’s money,” Chiang said. “On a daily basis, we’re investing 65-85 billion dollars of your money. Each year, we process 2 trillion dollars’ worth of transactions.”

    “I chair twelve economic development authorities; I finance things from mental health, to hospitals, to EV charging stations, to advanced manufacturing, to affordable housing,” Chiang continued.

    Chiang also touched on California potentially regaining its position as the fifth largest economy in the world, as it currently holds place of the 6th largest economy in the world. He said the state’s perspective on trade differs from that of Washington’s as California is a firm advocate of a global economy.

    Chiang then took some time to respond to questions from Toolots employees. When asked about his achievements as State Treasurer, Chiang said, “I’m really proud of the fact that, today, California builds more affordable housing.” He added that he also helped sue misbehaving insurance companies to return hundreds of millions of dollars back to Californians.

    “As potential governor of California, what are some top issues you want to address?” another Toolots employee asked.

    Chiang indicated that his top priority is education. In particular, he wants the state to invest in early childhood education. “They say that up until third grade, you’re learning to read. After that, you’re reading to learn. If you can’t read, you’re not learning. It has huge implications for our criminal justice system. It has huge implications for every one of us to compete in a global economy,” Chiang said.

    “We all have to keep learning; our jobs will look different 10 years from now; the world looks very different 10 years from now,” Chiang continued, adding that he has also pushed for creating a financial backstop so that graduates of higher education can renegotiate their student loan rates. “Education’s number one, [then] home ownership, good jobs, and a clean and healthy environment,” Chiang said.

  • California Gubernatorial Candidate John Chiang Speaks On Education and Housing

    A fundraising event was held on March 4, 2018 in Los Angeles County for California Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate John Chiang. Over 30 people attended the event in Encino to hear Chiang speak about education, affordable housing, and other top issues of his campaign.

    Katie Zhan, a senior at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School and founder of GMT International Leadership Training Camp, had the opportunity to ask Chiang about his plans for education reform. “How do we obtain, train, and retain?” asked Zhan, referring to the mission of her organization, which hopes to alleviate California’s decline in teacher training.

    As a proponent of investing in early education programs, Chiang described his focus on addressing California’s increasing teacher shortages by helping to keep the education profession sustainable and attractive.

    “There is nothing more important than educating a child,” Chiang said, explaining why he believes it will be imperative for teachers to get the compensation and professional development they need.

    Chiang also answered questions about other central issues in his campaign, including affordable housing. “Over the next ten years, I want to make sure we build more housing, so that we have housing available for 4 million Californians,” said Chiang.


    -----Reported by Joe Xu, Toolots Media Group

  • Toolots Announces 2nd Annual Manufacturing Exchange Summit

    Toolots has announced its 2nd Annual US-China Manufacturing Exchange Summit will take place Sept. 24-26, 2017 at the historic Grand Pacific Hotel in Yuyao, China.

    Join Medical Device Manufacturers, Trade Associations, Government Officials and More in Yuyao, China

    CERRITOS, Calif. – July 3, 2017 –With the 2nd Annual US-China Manufacturing Exchange Summit, Toolots, Inc. continues to cultivate fruitful relationships between American and Chinese advanced manufacturing communities. Hosted by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCHMPIE) and the Sino-Italy Ningbo Eco Park, involving high-level industry professionals, regulators and government officials, the Summit provides a platform to accelerate international expansion and expand your global network. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience China, learning first-hand what it takes to effectively sell innovative medical devices, health-related products and more on the Asian marketplace, directly from venture capitalists, investors, and executives who take advantage of a unified cross-border strategy to succeed globally.

    The 2nd Annual US-China Manufacturing Exchange Summit, centering on the medical device industry and related regulations, logistics and more, will take place Sept. 24-26, 2017, as part of Toolots’ yearly initiative to promote improved relations between both countries and simplify global commerce within the advanced manufacturing community. The event will be hosted at the historic Grand Pacific Hotel in Yuyao, China, part of the eastern Zhejiang Province close to the busiest port in the world, based on shipping volumes, the Ningbo Zhoushan Port.

    Some participating companies in the medical device and health product industry include China MEHECO Corporation, Shanghai Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Tianjin Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Jiangsu High Hope International Group, China National Scientific Instruments and Materials Corporation.  In addition to a host of large, influential Chinese companies, Toolots and its partners have arranged for a significant presence of venture capitalist firms interested in investing in innovative American companies and products. Some of the principal firms attending the Summit include Sequoia Capital, Cybernaut, Histtone Capital, Hill House Capital, TusPark Ventures and Yangming Capital.

    Panel discussions on how to succeed in the global marketplace, protecting intellectual property, and industry developments, among other topics, will help to inform attendees from the U.S. and China, and serve as an educational tool to guide their businesses and organizations. Scheduled discussions will involve officials from the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products, a wide range of executives from both U.S. and China-based medical device companies, and others.

    Attendees have the rare opportunity to connect directly with authorities and other professionals in China who can provide logistical or capital assistance, whether you are seeking to register a medical device or other innovative health product, or wish to expand your business operations and network. Space is limited to 30 medical device companies in total, so secure your place today. To sign up, please register via our Eventbrite page here or send us an email at To stay up to date with the latest event information, be sure to visit


    • Enjoy personalized matchmaking of U.S and Chinese manufacturers for more meaningful and productive networking.
    • Roundtable dialogues between international trade experts, manufacturers, and government leaders will help inform and guide real-world business decisions.
    • Tour advanced manufacturing facilities in Ningbo, an industrial stronghold, to see first-hand what China and its industrial capabilities are truly like.


    The China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products is the leading national trade association in China, aiming to improve international trade and relationships within the biomedical and healthcare industries. With over 2,400 companies in the association, including major manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and medical product sectors, the CCCMHPIE has the most extensive network of any organization in the industry. As a guest at the Summit, you will have an incredible opportunity to connect with these industry professionals who routinely market and sell the products you, as a US-based manufacturer, develop and distribute.

    The Sino-Italy Ningbo Eco Park, a collaborative effort between the Chinese and Italian governments for a new industrial development focusing on advanced manufacturing, is planning for a new 18-square-mile manufacturing district, a residential/commercial district and an ecological park to guide sustainable industrialization. The goal is for the area to become a hub for innovative research and development involving cooperation between Chinese, American, and European companies.

    Panels will be held on topics including:

    •         Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
    •         Land, Labor and Capital in China
    •         Navigating Customs and Globalized Logistics
    •         Effective Marketing and Sales in China

    What: 2nd Annual US-China Manufacturing Exchange Summit

    When: Sept. 24-26, 2017

    Where: Grand Pacific Hotel, 168 S Binjiang Rd, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China, 315400

  • Toolots Founder Delivers State of the Company Address

    Founder of Growing Platform,, Aims to Revolutionize Industrial Equipment Market

    Toolots Founder Jason Fu addresses his employees in the 2017 State of the Company Address.

    CERRITOS, Calif. - May 22, 2017 - Toolots Founder Jason Fu is building much more than his business, a full-service online marketplace based in Southern California that fuels the global manufacturing industry. The early veteran of industrial eCommerce and chief executive officer said he is building an “ecosystem” with Toolots – a platform to revolutionize the eCommerce marketplace for industrial machinery, equipment, and technology.

    In remarks to all Toolots employees as part of his State of Company Address Friday, Fu outlined this message, envisioning the future of the company he formally launched in May 2016. The chief executive for Cerritos-based Toolots described his own personal journey as a business owner – the lessons learned, the ground gained, and effective strategies to push the enterprise far beyond a simple distributor of the tools of the manufacturing trade.

    Fu, also Chief Executive Officer for Toolots, outlines the fiscal growth of the company he launched in May 2016.

    With plans to streamline the current business model and develop nationwide brand recognition as the company’s international footprint expands, Fu pointed to recent growth in Asia, citing the establishment of Toolots Taiwan last month. The company has two additional facilities in China, located in Hangzhou and Ningbo, as well as a distribution center in Houston, Texas. But the growth isn’t limited to the physical realm. As part of the flourishing Toolots supplier network, Fu reported that more than 120 businesses from the United States and China have partnered with the California company to sell their industrial products – both domestically and internationally – on

    “We are adding a lot of new products on a daily basis,” Fu said. “We are moving along very fast.”

    Providing genuine customer service is one of the most important components in any successful business, Fu said. As an immigrant from China who followed his dream of building businesses in the United States and becoming a U.S. citizen, the Toolots chief executive learned English, striving to be able to more effectively communicate.

    In his first State of the Company Address, the Toolots founder spoke directly to all his employees and outlined the company's expansion plans.

    When Fu arrived to the U.S. in 1996, he was motivated by his dream to open an online marketplace for industrial equipment. More broadly, he yearned to bridge the gap between U.S. and Chinese equipment manufacturers, fostering improved relations between both countries, he said. The language barrier leads to lots of dollars lost for companies, he said, and it demonstrates the need for clear communication – not only with customers and potential customers, but also employees and colleagues within the industry from around the world.

    “For us new immigrants, we hit the same roadblocks, but we all succeed when we try,” Fu said.

    The industrial space has additional roadblocks, the chief executive pointed out. Some customers are uncomfortable purchasing heavy machinery online, without the ability to see it in person, and are more accustomed to the traditional distributor model complete with segmented territories. Toolots changes that; the Cerritos showroom includes some of the most popular online items, and new machinery or stock is proudly displayed for walk-in customers, in addition to high-quality photos and videos of many products posted on

    Toolots engineers install a robotic device on a plastic injection molding machine to greatly speed up production.

    Another roadblock for the industrial equipment industry, particularly eCommerce businesses, is providing effective warranty protection, service and maintenance to online customers in a simple way.

    “After-sales service is the biggest barrier for industrial supply” Fu said. With the release of its companion smartphone application YuuTool, Toolots is redesigning how online marketplaces provide after-sales services to customers. By connecting users of industrial machinery with qualified service technicians, in a similar manner to the way Uber connects those in need of a driver with a quick, affordable ride, YuuTool brings people together. This focus on service distinguishes Toolots from its competitors and other providers of industrial equipment, Fu said.

    “We’re providing big services through YuuTool. It’s all within the Toolots ecosystem, where everything has value,” he said.

    Toolots Chief Strategy Officer ZeMing Gao speaks to the company's employees May 19 during a companywide address.

    “The Toolots business model is revolutionary,” added Toolots Chief Strategy Officer ZeMing Gao, stressing how Fu intelligently constructed a vertical business that can be easily scaled to other horizontal markets.

    A business only succeeds with its employees, Fu pointed out. Addressing all Toolots employees in a video broadcast in Mandarin and English, the chief executive said, “You are all part of the foundation, what we build upon. It is on this foundation that we are constructing a building, one that went from zero to something that will bloom.”

    It is vital that each department within Toolots has a “good foundation,” he added, and strives to continually inject fresh vision through the hiring of powerful leaders.

    “New blood is bringing big experience, and this will help us in ongoing efforts to continue building a great team,” Fu said. In the coming weeks, Toolots will have significant announcements about new executives joining the enterprise. Those announcements will be released soon.

    Fu pivoted from discussion of Toolots, its business model and its growth to Alibaba, an eCommerce firm that has grown exponentially in recent years. Alibaba started as a simple directory of information, similar to Yellow Pages, to help manufacturers find and locate new suppliers. What began as a simple online platform created by Chinese national Jack Ma to provide an online marketplace of suppliers has evolved to become a behemoth as the world’s largest retailer, even surpassing Walmart in domination of the marketplace, according U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings in 2016. As of 2014, Alibaba had a market value of more than $231 billion.

    Explaining that the key to Alibaba’s success was creating a platform to connect businesses worldwide and fulfill their needs, Gao suggested that Toolots is on track to one day become an influencer in the global trade environment. “You want your platform to be so essential that you can’t imagine what life or business would be like without it,” Gao said, stressing the need to offer something completely original from your competitors. He is confident Toolots is that platform.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Webinar: Exploring Conditions in China and How Toolots Can Help U.S. Companies Break Into the Market

    To sign up for Toolots' free webinar for manufacturers on May 19, please RSVP via email to

    Toolots engineers install a robotic device on a plastic injection molding machine to greatly speed up production.

    CERRITOS, Calif. – May 15, 2017 – Toolots, Inc., a Southern California-based online marketplace for the latest industrial equipment, machinery and technology, invites interested biomedical and advanced manufacturing companies to join a no-cost educational webinar on the market conditions and outlook for original American products in mainland China. The webinar takes place Friday, May 19 at 1 p.m.

    As the company’s US-China Medical Device Summit approaches, taking place June 28-30, in Ningbo, China, the Cerritos-based company invites any interested firms, executives and representatives to participate in the second webinar in the series. Attendees will discover on the ground conditions in China, and learn how the online marketplace and the comprehensive services offered to Toolots partners can give companies a leg up in the market for innovative medical products. During the seminar, you will learn about the growing demand for US-manufactured medical devices, how much more Chinese customers are willing to pay for foreign-made health products, devices and advanced technology, and hear how your company can gain by attending the US-China Medical Device Summit next month.

    The US-China Medical Device Summit will be hosted by the leading national trade association in China for medical devices and biomedical products, and is co-hosted by Toolots. Toolots invites your participation Friday in our no-cost online seminar to learn more. To sign up for the webinar or for additional information, please contact Toolots Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy at Private consultations are also available to explore how Toolots can help your company break into the lucrative Chinese market and elsewhere in the region, where Toolots has a growing international footprint.

  • Announcing Toolots' Advanced Manufacturing Webinar

    Interested in breaking into the Chinese marketplace? Toolots can help

    Join us on March 31, 2017 for a no-cost informational online seminar on the market conditions and outlook for innovative American products within China. The event will take place from 12:00pm PST to 1:00pm PST during the lunch hour for attendees' convenience. Additional webinars will be announced in the coming weeks. Toolots invites any interested companies to participate, or contact Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy at for a private consultation on how we can help you break into the lucrative Chinese market and elsewhere in the region.


  • Toolots Celebrates 2017 Chinese New Year

    Toolots Inc., will be celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend from Friday January 27,2017 to Sunday January 29, 2017.

    The company collectively would like to take this time to wish its network of vendors and customers, both domestically and overseas, a Happy Chinese New Year! May 2017 bring you and your loved ones prosperity and happiness.

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