• Why Alibaba and Amazon Can't Do What We're Doing Without Disrupting Themselves

    There is enormous latent supply of equipment and machinery in China across a wide range of industries. The amount of arbitrage happening in the China-to-US machinery and equipment space seems almost too significant to not be disintermediated. Why has no one been able to tap into it, especially the marketplace giants, Amazon and Alibaba?


    High-Touch or Low-Touch?

    One reason is the unique high-touch service needs of equipment and machinery industries. High-touch means that customer service issues are often more complex, but the business involves high value customers. In contrast, most consumer goods follow a low-touch customer model.

    From operating call centers trained in technical advice and troubleshooting, to providing adequate after-sales maintenance and repair, the need for high-touch customer service from end to end is unavoidable in the world of big-ticket machinery and equipment purchases. Few Chinese manufacturers can afford to operate a dedicated US-based team to fulfill this for US customers.

    If traditional cross-border intermediaries such as trading companies and OEM buyers can fill this need and profit handsomely, why couldn’t a horizontal marketplace platform step in and steal their thunder (along with billions of dollars of profit)?

    As Alibaba and Amazon's marketplace platforms have been built out around consumer goods, these incumbent players follow highly entrenched low-touch service models. This because the relatively low value of consumer purchases prevent a high-touch model from ever being profitable. However, conversely, a low-touch model greatly limits these platforms’ ability to accommodate Chinese direct-selling of industrial equipment and machinery the same way they have – to an extent – for Chinese consumer goods.


    One Man's "Innovator's Dilemma" is Another's...

    It would go against Alibaba or Amazon’s core business models if they were to establish a dedicated after-sales service team to answer customers’ various technical industry-specific questions, much less provide on-site maintenance services. But that is exactly what is needed by Chinese industrial sellers in order to sell to the US.

    A platform that provides high-touch English-language service is the very key that will unlock an enormous volume of latent supply. It is a key that may not seem intuitive at first due to the consumer models proven out by the giants, Amazon and Alibaba. But it’s one whose numbers make complete sense if you take a look at the US market from a buyer perspective, in conjunction with understanding the challenges and incentives from a Chinese seller perspective.

  • Toolots Hosts Distinguished Guests at US-China Manufacturing Delegation

    Xiuzhou Economic Development Delegation from Jiaxing, China visits Toolots and local SMEs

    Tenghui Guo, Executive Deputy Governor of Jiaxing, giving open remarks to attendees.

    CERRITOS, Calif – August 17, 2017 – Toolots was honored to receive over 40 prestigious guests Tuesday for an exclusive US-China Manufacturing Delegation held at its’ headquarters. The event aimed to gather US and Chinese government officials with expertise and experience in the manufacturing industry with local US manufacturers to discuss the importance of bridging the gap between the Pacific, how to improve trade relations, and the future of the industry as a whole. Attendees were given the unique opportunity to ask delegates questions regarding the industry and the importance of California and the Xiuzhou District.

    The event began with with remarks by Toolots Founder Jason Fu and the Executive Deputy Governor of Jiaxing Tengui Guo, who stressed the importance of strong trade relations to streamline industrial commerce between the United States and China. Cerritos Mayor Grace Hu then delivered a proclamation certificate to Guo, to thank the delegation for choosing the city of Cerritos and its’ businesses to begin strengthening relations.

    “California is open for business [and happy to] support our residents here within the district” Adam Galia, a District Representative for California State Senator Tony Mendoza, stated. Galia then presented the delegation with a certificate on behalf of the Senator for the 32nd District. “[We] commend your contributions to this form of helping  American businesses in advancing and improving relations between our two countries” Galia read, verbatim, from the certificate.

    Lisa Zhou, President of the Chinese CEO Organization, followed Galia by presenting a certificate of recognition for contributions to the development of the Chinese-American business community, noting the Xiuzhou Economic Development Delegation’s commitment to improving trade relations. Desmond E. Thompson, Vice Chairman of the Board for the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce, then discussed China’s role in international trade with the US. With over $600 billion in total trade with China in 2016, the Vice Chairman was thrilled that Toolots and the Delegation chose Cerritos as their headquarters and event location. “Toolots [is] helping expand the local opportunities for all businesses to play a role in this significant source of trade,” said Thompson.

    Vice Chairman of the Board for the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce, Desmond E. Thompson, discusses US-Chinese trade and the potential benefits for local SMEs.

    Toolots Chief Technology Officer, Bill Andreozzi then took the stage to provide guests an introduction to Toolots’ unique platform. Briefly, Andreozzi explained Toolots’ vertical approach to the market, and how after-sale services can disrupt traditional eCommerce models. The event concluded with an industrial equipment cross-border eCommerce platform signing ceremony, a group photo, and a networking luncheon.

    Representatives from the Xiuzhou Economic Development Delegation from Jiaxing, China (嘉兴市秀洲区经贸考察团) included:

    • Tenghui Guo: Executive Deputy Governor, People's Government of Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City
    • Chunfu Dong: Deputy Director, People's Republic of Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City
    • Xihua Xu: Director, Jiaxing Xiuzhou Bureau of Economy & Commerce
    • Jianzhong Du: Deputy Director, Development and Reform Bureau of Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City
    • Yong Qian: Director, Bureau of Economic Development & Statistics, Jiaxing Xiuzhou National Industrial Development Zone
    • Yanqin Ma: Project Manager of Service Investment Bureau, Jiaxing Xiuzhou National Industrial Development Zone (interpreter)

    According to the Chinese government officials who attended, California’s role in global commerce is imperative. International contributions through trade and investment will provide significant benefits to the manufacturing community,extending beyond American businesses and their employees to assist the communities they operate in as a whole.  

    Group photo of attendees of the US-China Manufacturing Delegation hosted by Toolots at their Cerritos, CA headquarters.

    “Xiuzhou can help American companies to develop their businesses,” said Guo, Executive Deputy Government for the People’s Government of Xiuzhou in Jiaxing City. Guo was one of six members of the delegation who traveled to Toolots Cerritos headquarters for the event. He further added that the Chinese government wants to reinforce its national manufacturing reach by solidifying strategic partnerships with esteemed foreign manufacturers, like those located throughout the state of California. During a brief presentation, Xihua Xu, Director of the Jiaxing Xiuzhou Bureau of Economy and Commerce, discussed the manufacturing resources, potential partnerships, and investment or partnership opportunities in his city. While these partnerships are valuable to Chinese government officials, it’s also an opportunity for American manufacturers to broaden their market, invigorate production, and spark increased localized growth. “We think Toolots will become a bridge between companies in China and California, and elsewhere in the United States.”

    The US-China Manufacturing Delegation is one example of Toolots’ ongoing ambition to increase engagement between the US and Chinese industrial communities to help promote localized economic growth in Southern California while also educating US SMEs on how to effectively export their products to the overseas market. Additionally, the Company’s streamlined global eCommerce platform makes it easy for manufacturers to sell their products to long-tail, or niche, markets.

    Toolots differentiates itself from the competition by providing the logistical, financial, and personnel support to get new products in the hands of new customers in addition to comprehensive after-sales services. This affords small to medium sized enterprises the ability to focus on the quality of their products, while Toolots handles the heavy lifting. To learn more or to list your company’s products on our eCommerce platform, sign up at

    Jason Fu and William Andreozzi speak with American Multimedia TV USA about the importance of improving international trade relations.

  • Vendor Spotlight: Atosa Catering Equipment, Inc.

    Atosa Catering Equipment President Michael Shao said his company's product quality and emphasis on service sets them apart from competitors.

    BREA, Calif. – July 3, 2017 – Atosa Catering Equipment, Inc., a leading provider of commercial refrigeration, gas equipment, food warmers and smallwares, didn’t start out as a global business. But by focusing on providing excellent customer service, reliable equipment at aggressively competitive prices, and by funding research and development to enable product innovation, Atosa Catering has established a wide ranging customer base that has allowed them to extend sales to more than 100 countries so far.

    Founded in 2003 and based in Hangzhou, China, the family-owned company now led by President Michael Shao started small. Ten years after it was founded, Atosa expanded its sales into the United States marketplace. Today, Atosa Catering Equipment now has 12 facilities stretched across the United States, all staffed with in-house technicians to provide after-sales service – an aspect of the business model Atosa leadership takes seriously.

    Atosa first expanded its reach into the U.S. market four years ago, and now utilizes a network of authorized distributors to get its efficient and long-lasting refrigeration equipment in the hands of American commercial consumers, including on through a distribution agreement with Toolots’ sister company, Bolton Tools. Shao said customers have relayed that the quality of Atosa products greatly exceeds their expectations and that their extensive service network, with technicians available in 12 states and on-demand across the country, help ensure long-term sales into the future.

    “Nobody in this industry has this kind of service,” he said. “Customers tell us they’re extremely happy with my company’s products and service. The American saying goes ‘you get what you pay for,’ but with Atosa Catering Equipment, you get more than you pay for.”

    As a testament to the company’s emphasis on excellent service, the entire Atosa USA sales team has visited the company’s factory in Hangzhou, as part of an educational trip to help them become more familiar with not only the products, but the people and the technology behind them.

    One of many Atosa products perfect for commercial and industrial applications is the bottom mount three-door refrigerator - promising not only energy cost savings but also reliability, competitive affordability and longevity.

    “They were impressed by our China facility and were amazed at how much automation is available. The experience makes them more confident selling on the U.S. market,” Shao said.

    Since Atosa products hit the Toolots Merchant Center in May through the Bolton Tools agreement, sales of the global company’s products have increased, as have inquiries from new customers looking for durable yet cost-effective commercial refrigeration units.

    Speaking of Toolots Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jason Fu, whom Shao has developed an effective business relationship with since, he said, “Jason is a visionary businessman. What he is doing with Toolots is inspiring.”

    “With the help of Toolots, we’ll be penetrating markets we didn’t expect to be in,” Shao added.

    When asked what sets apart Atosa products from its competition, the company president said heavy, longstanding investments in research and development, striving for increased energy efficiency and durability, are a top priority. The company does not cut corners, but strives to serve as a responsible ambassador of what the best of Chinese manufacturing can truly accomplish.

    “You have to invest heavily in R&D. Your quality cannot be dropped,” Shao said. “You need to keep investing to do everything you can to defend your brand, your reputation. Conquer the problems in order to make your product better and better.”

    One of the challenges faced by many foreign companies considering entering the U.S. market, Atosa included, are the shifting legal standards, import restrictions, labor laws and many others. With Toolots’ help, Atosa has access to logistical, capital and other types of support that makes the manufacturer’s job easier.

    “Toolots allows them to focus on product development, education and guiding them to comply with U.S. laws and standards,” Shao said.

    Shao added he believes himself to be an ambassador for the Chinese manufacturing industry, taking pride in the heavy investments into research and development to make his company’s products more efficient year after year and of increasingly high quality. Additionally, an emphasis on growing the company’s service team, both from a customer service and technical perspective, has helped grow Atosa’s reputation, Shao said.

    Looking ahead, the Atosa Catering Equipment president added, “I am excited about the future of Atosa. I have great faith in Toolots. It has great leadership and a professional team. It’s an excellent platform for Chinese manufacturers to enter the U.S. marketplace."

    Atosa Catering Equipment Inc., products are currently available on and are distributed through Bolton Tools. For additional information, visit or contact our Customer Service Representatives at (844) 866-5687.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Webinar: Exploring Conditions in China and How Toolots Can Help U.S. Companies Break Into the Market

    To sign up for Toolots' free webinar for manufacturers on May 19, please RSVP via email to

    Toolots engineers install a robotic device on a plastic injection molding machine to greatly speed up production.

    CERRITOS, Calif. – May 15, 2017 – Toolots, Inc., a Southern California-based online marketplace for the latest industrial equipment, machinery and technology, invites interested biomedical and advanced manufacturing companies to join a no-cost educational webinar on the market conditions and outlook for original American products in mainland China. The webinar takes place Friday, May 19 at 1 p.m.

    As the company’s US-China Medical Device Summit approaches, taking place June 28-30, in Ningbo, China, the Cerritos-based company invites any interested firms, executives and representatives to participate in the second webinar in the series. Attendees will discover on the ground conditions in China, and learn how the online marketplace and the comprehensive services offered to Toolots partners can give companies a leg up in the market for innovative medical products. During the seminar, you will learn about the growing demand for US-manufactured medical devices, how much more Chinese customers are willing to pay for foreign-made health products, devices and advanced technology, and hear how your company can gain by attending the US-China Medical Device Summit next month.

    The US-China Medical Device Summit will be hosted by the leading national trade association in China for medical devices and biomedical products, and is co-hosted by Toolots. Toolots invites your participation Friday in our no-cost online seminar to learn more. To sign up for the webinar or for additional information, please contact Toolots Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy at Private consultations are also available to explore how Toolots can help your company break into the lucrative Chinese market and elsewhere in the region, where Toolots has a growing international footprint.

  • Haida: Toolots Provides Comprehensive Solution for Large Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturer

    CERRITOS, Calif. – May 1, 2017 – With the guidance of Toolots, China’s second-largest manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines has developed a new brand of industrial equipment specifically for the U.S. manufacturing market. Haida, through its new brand Himalia for American customers, has begun manufacturing modern plastic injection molding machines built to U.S. specifications, voltage and other requirements. Machines are also custom-built at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China, where more than 400 employees work to produce quality machinery to meet increasing global demand.

    Toolots has helped develop Haida's new brand, cross-border strategy and its products for the U.S. market from the very beginning, and Haida executives said during a recent site visit they are optimistic about the future.

    Haida is the second-largest manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines in China.

    Before partnering with Toolots in July 2016, Haida had limited international sales outside of Asia, the Middle East and Africa, according to Sean Xiao, Haida’s foreign trade executive. The U.S. market always caught their eye, he said, but it would have been expensive modifying existing models to match American specifications.

    “How would we get the customers, and second, how would we provide after-sales service? These are two points that stopped us from getting into the U.S. market. And you solved this problem for us,” Xiao said.

    Toolots engineers, based in Cerritos at the company’s headquarters, are currently training on Haida’s latest machines at their Ningbo factory to develop extensive product knowledge – all to provide better after-sales service and machine maintenance to American customers. Haida unveiled a new robotic system that nearly doubles production speed using their machines, according to Xiao, and is training Toolots engineers on the technology.

    A member of the California-based Toolots engineering team builds and trains on a robotic device that greatly improves production speed to better serve U.S. customers.

    Toolots helped Haida establish its legal, registered entity in the U.S., Himalia, and assists with ongoing branding and marketing efforts. The Toolots public relations/marketing and graphic design teams developed Himalia’s brand and provide critical market research data that guides Himalia in providing machinery that is in greatest demand domestically, and important specifications to match various state voltage requirements.

    The Toolots team toured one of Haida's sprawling, modern factories during a recent visit to eastern China. Its cross-border business development and public relations/marketing team, headed by Toolots Director of Global Commerce Services Grant Montgomery and Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy on the U.S. side, and Product Manager Tony Chen with Toolots China, examined each step of Haida manufacturing process. The Toolots team met with Xiao in Ningbo to discuss future output and the impact of increased cooperation between China and the U.S. to provide highly engineered machinery at competitive prices.

    “When we started our international trade, the U.S. was not our focus because if we sold there, we’d have had to change a lot out of the machines; it would take a lot of time and be very expensive to do that,” Xiao said. “With this new thinking (and partnership with Toolots), we are taking this time to develop another standalone machine, and we will be able to sell more machines.”

    In late 2016, Toolots Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jason Fu signed an agreement with Haida's chief executive Jiang Zhongding to partner with the company, the second-largest manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines in China, to enter the U.S. market. Before partnering with Toolots, Haida’s product reach included Southeast and Central Asia, South America and 10 other countries, but the company saw an opportunity in expanding foreign sales. Haida's chief executive pointed out during the July 2016 signing ceremony that cooperation is essential to expand not only the international influence and reach of industrial manufacturing enterprises, but also to help solve the traditional manufacturing industry’s lack of effective online sales.

    The agreement with Toolots was the first of its kind entered by Haida, according to Zhongding. Haida is utilizing Toolots as a complete warehousing logistics solution for fulfillment, after-sales machinery maintenance provider, and Toolots works directly with U.S. customers to sell, market, distribute and service Haida and Himalia’s plastic injection molding machines.

    Haida Foreign Trade Executive Sean Xiao discusses how the company's machines can create finished products like this one, faster than competing companies.

    As the product development and engineering processes at Haida wrap up and, both companies are training and testing the machinery to ensure American customers have the best possible experience with the industrial manufacturing equipment. Feedback from U.S. manufacturers will guide future efforts, and Toolots’ engineering team can provide service nationwide to ensure machinery is up and running.

    “We feel it’s a great opportunity, this partnership with Toolots. In the future, I think we will have a lot of work,” Xiao said.

    About Toolots

    Toolots, headquartered in Cerritos, California, offers an online marketplace and international distribution channel for factory-direct industrial tools, machinery, and technology. The user-friendly platform provides fast, easy access to high-quality, affordable equipment to manufacturers. Toolots provides comprehensive services for companies around the world who produce industrial machinery and equipment, helping streamline the marketing, omni-channel sales, warehousing, fulfillment and after-sales service. On the customer end, Toolots simplifies the purchase, delivery, installation and warranty of industrial technology, machinery and components, and upholds product quality through a vetted network of vendors and service technicians. The company’s dedication to fostering international trade relations passes on cost savings to the consumer, contributes to reduced downtime, improves productivity and expands a manufacturer’s reach. Toolots has strategically located warehouses, showrooms, and offices across the United States, China and as of May 2017, has expanded into Taiwan. For more information visit us online at

  • Toolots Visits Chinese Manufacturer of LED Lighting Systems

    Ningbo Pinyuan Electric Co. develops and builds commonly used industrial lights, perfect for retrofitters, construction, and industrial customers

    Owner of Pinyuan Electric, Wensheng Jiang, is proud of the quality LED lights his factory produces in Yuyao, China

    YUYAO, China – April 17, 2017 – As part of an ongoing trade mission to eastern China to meet with manufacturers of innovative and competitive industrial products, Toolots, Inc. and its executives, business development and public affairs team met with an LED lighting manufacturer in the city of Yuyao. Ningbo Pinyuan Electric Co., based out of the Zhejiang Province, produces a variety of different LED lighting systems catering to the industrial, construction and scientific/research markets.

    “Originally, we made power supply systems for computers but recently, we’ve developed new LED products perfect for industrial applications,” Company owner Wensheng Jian said, speaking through a translator. “Our technology is better than anything you will find in any other factory."

    Behind the curtain, Jiang said, are powerful technical support and special design teams who have continually improved the technology and its programming. Ningbo Pinyuan Electric Co. has manufactured power supply systems for more than a decade and has perfected the technology that supports these new lighting systems, he added.

    The meeting between both companies included Toolots Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jason Fu, Chief Operating Officer Raymond Cheng, Director of Global Commerce Services Grant Montgomery, Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy and Engineer Gary Krause, as well as other representatives from the Pinyuan Electric.

    When asked why he was interested in partnering with Toolots, Jiang said marketing and selling his products to American consumers would finally be simple and low maintenance, so he can focus on developing new product lines to cater to new customers. Without a partner like Toolots, he said, it is much harder to break into the American industrial market; he can now leverage the California-based company’s resources to do just that, Jiang added.

    Ningbo Pinyuan Electric Co. sells LED lights geared towards the American industrial, construction and research markets. Their products are more affordable than similar products sold by global competitors, but Jiang is confident his technology is superior to any others.

    “We have products for mobile industrial applications, like a construction site or a machine shop where direct light is needed,” Jiang said, adding they also produce stationary ceiling lights and magnetic, magnified lights perfect for factories, machine shops and research facilities.

    One of the company’s signature products is a magnetic LED light that attaches to lathe. Another is the magnetic LED light with a built-in magnifying glass, perfect for laboratory and factory applications. There are four other lights for various applications the company produces, from large lights for ceiling installation to magnetic lights with extendable, bendable arms to attach to manufacturing equipment.

    These highly engineered products have one thousand pieces within, Jiang said, yet are available at a dramatically lower price than competitors. Another product the Yuyao-based company offers is a three-color tower light for industrial equipment applications, indicating with different colors each stage of operation.

    LED lighting typically has a life expectancy between five and thirty times longer than compact fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, respectively. If run for eight hours each day, manufacturers state the average LED light will run for 15-17 years.

    “We have powerful technology,” Jiang said. “We also developed the power supplies for these products, something we have perfected over 15 years since we opened this factory, so we're not new to these products.”


  • Toolots Visits Konger Plastic Injection Molding Machine Factory in Ningbo

    Konger, based in Ningbo, China, manufacturers highly engineered machines

    NINGBO, China – April 18, 2017 – Toolots, Inc. leadership and its business development and public affairs team visited with the operators of a manufacturing facility in China that produces highly innovative plastic injection molding machines - all made using the finest Austrian-built components. The meeting with Konger, based in the city of Ningbo, was part of an ongoing trade mission to eastern China to connect with new potential suppliers of industrial products to the American manufacturing market.

    Toolots China Chief Operating Officer Mason Wang, Toolots US COO Raymond Cheng and Jerry Qi, Konger General Manager, discuss the company's latest machinery

    Konger produces a wide range of lines of plastic injection molding machines. Their signature machine, part of the Konger Chameleon series, has the ability to mix two to three different colors in endless combinations and its injection technology reduces deferment within the mold itself, lending to much longer mold lifespan.

    The high-tech factory has the capability to produce about 50 to 60 new machines per month, said Konger North America Sales Director Lawrence Song, adding that demand for these products is high; their customers come from all over the world, from the United States to Malaysia. Konger General Manager Jerry Qi said that he would put his machines up against any competitors, confident in their state-of-the-art technology and the highly engineered components within the injection system.

    Konger GM Jerry Qi explains what sets his plastic injection molding machines apart from the competition

    “Our specialty is producing machines using the latest technology designed in Austria,” Song said during the meeting, before taking Toolots through their production facility in the outskirts of Ningbo. The Chameleon Series, Song said, “mixes two or three colors so that each plastic product comes out in uniform size and shape,” but when complete each item comes out with a unique look unlike the others.

    Toolots Plastic Injection Molding Engineer Gary Krause explains the function of a Konger machine

    Toolots US Chief Operating Officer Raymond Cheng, Toolots China Chief Operating Officer Mason Wang, Director of Global Commerce Services Grant Montgomery, Plastic Injection Molding Machine Engineer Gary Krause, Product Manager Tony Chen and Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy attended the meeting, as well as other representatives from the Ningbo-based manufacturer. Konger is considering joining the Toolots online marketplace to specifically reach the American manufacturing consumer, providing quality machines at competitive prices using the latest European-engineered technology.

    Toolots toured the company's manufacturing facility, inspecting each stage of the manufacturing process for a wide range of machines. Konger machines are capable of producing plastic products of all types and sizes, from handles for disposable razors that blend two-to-three colors to cups of various thickness and much more. As part of the company’s comprehensive testing process, machines are run dry through a transformer prior to packing to ensure operation is at peak levels.

    Toolots continues to meet with industrial manufacturers during its trade mission to China, and will have additional announcements in the coming days about additions to the California-based online marketplace’s expanding product line.


  • Toolots Visits Haida Manufacturing in Ningbo

    The Toolots Inc. cross-border business development and public affairs team recently visited Haida Manufacturing's plastic injection molding machine factory  in Ningbo, China. Toolots is helping the state-of-the-art company develop a brand specifically for U.S. manufacturers customized to American specifications, introducing them to consumers later this year.

    Haida showcased a robotic arm Tuesday that more than doubles the speed of the plastic injection molding process, reduces downtime and removes the need to pull each completed product from the mold by hand. The Toolots engineering team, based in California, traveled to China to train on the robotic arm and Haida's latest plastic injection molding machines to better serve the United States manufacturing industry.

    Toolots provides industrial equipment, technology and tools to support global manufacturing. The company has a growing presence in the U.S. and Asia, and manufacturers on both sides of the Pacific use the Toolots online marketplace to sell their innovative, reliable and competitively priced equipment to industrial customers from around the world.

    Haida Foreign Trade Executive Sean Xiao and Toolots Director of Commerce Services Grant Montgomery examine some of Haida's largest plastic injection molding machines

    Stay tuned for more updates from our ongoing trade mission to China to establish connections with new suppliers of innovative, quality industrial equipment to support U.S. manufacturing.

  • Announcing Toolots' Advanced Manufacturing Webinar

    Interested in breaking into the Chinese marketplace? Toolots can help

    Join us on March 31, 2017 for a no-cost informational online seminar on the market conditions and outlook for innovative American products within China. The event will take place from 12:00pm PST to 1:00pm PST during the lunch hour for attendees' convenience. Additional webinars will be announced in the coming weeks. Toolots invites any interested companies to participate, or contact Director of Public Affairs Chris Foy at for a private consultation on how we can help you break into the lucrative Chinese market and elsewhere in the region.


  • Toolots Summit: Leaders Explore Shared Values, Intellectual Property Protections

    Toolots Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit brings together key individuals from the U.S. and China for open, honest and productive dialogues

    CERRITOS, Calif. Aug. 29, 2016 – Monday was the first of the three-day Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit, involving key discussions between industry, government and thought leaders from both the United States and China. The Summit was hosted at Toolots, Inc. headquarters in Cerritos, California, and served as a bridge to connect leaders in both countries through open, honest and productive dialogues.

    summit01 The panel on Protecting Intellectual Property included Bill Mongelluzzo, senior editor of the Journal of Commerce; Vice-Mayor of Yuyao, China, Han Baishun; Frank Cullen Jr. with the GIPC; Gu Liquin, deputy chief of the Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone; Jason Yu and Jonathan Jaech, partners and attorneys at law with Los Angeles-based Snell & Wilmer

    The first topic addressed was intellectual property protections, and ways manufacturers can ensure their innovative technologies remain out of the hands of counterfeiters or those who seek to illegally replicate the products through patent or trademark infringement. Crediting the strides China has made in recent years was Frank Cullen Jr., executive director of intellectual property policy with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC), who pointed to China’s rising through the ranks of the GIPC’s Global Intellectual Property Index. It analyzes the strength of intellectual property (IP) laws in trading countries around the world, enforcement efforts and other considerations.

    Cullen recognized recent enforcement actions by Chinese authorities to stifle the proliferation of counterfeit products from not only trade ports and factory floors, but also the online stores where illegitimate products are sold in the first place. Preserving brand integrity and protecting innovation are protected is critical to IP worldwide, he said.

    “Great progress has been made and I’m seeing openness relating to intellectual property, but there is still room for improvement” Cullen said, describing the increased attention Chinese authorities are paying to illegal efforts by counterfeiters and increased domestic enforcement efforts against others who seek to tilt the playing field. “You know, the U.S. used to be a leader in enforcement (based on the Global IP Index). We’re No. 5. So we need to do a little bit of a better job ourselves, and certainly improvement can go around.”

    Vice Mayor of Yuyao, China, Han Baishun, also acknowledged a shared responsibility to protect intellectual property originating from international businesses. He added that there is an intellectual property protection association based in China that investigates and follows up on related complaints, in addition to a wide range of government agencies that do the same.

    “We need to be the ones protecting intellectual property, not just you,” Baishun said, addressing U.S. leaders also involved in the panel discussion. “We need to include everybody (in these dialogues), follow statewide law and have overarching laws around our country. It’s important to pay attention to the international points of view; we can learn from the others.”

    Chinese government officials report complaints of intellectual property theft to enforcement hubs in Beijing and other key areas, Baishun explained.

    Deputy Chief Gu Liquin of the Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, a Chinese governmental organization, added, “I believe that to protect intellectual property is to protect our collective future.”

    He pointed to an example in December where a Chinese company was discovered to have violated existing trademarks. “We asked them to remove the products immediately,” Liquin said. “We do and we will always try our best to protect intellectual property rights.”

    The country’s circuit court provides individuals and corporations with a “comprehensive process that provides you with the rights you should have,” Liquin said.

    The discussion was moderated by veteran journalist Bill Mongelluzzo, senior editor of the Journal of Commerce, which provides leading coverage of trade and transportation around the world.

    Attorneys Jason Yu and Jonathan Jaech, partners with Los Angeles-based Snell & Wilmer, contributed their expertise on intellectual property and patent law, describing how the legal process differs in China and the United States. Generally speaking, it costs less to file a lawsuit compared to the United States, and the process is much quicker.

    Yu said the average lawsuit in the state of California takes about 20 to 24 months from start to finish, while the process can take only a matter of weeks in China and fees are much lower. However, lawsuits in the U.S. allow for greater discovery to take place, a legal term to describe the process where evidence is shared between the prosecution and the defense.

    “I’m where the rubber meets the road, as a litigator,” Yu said, adding that patents are of great value in protecting intellectual property beforehand. Yu and Jaech explained that patents are a critical piece of the intellectual property puzzle, whether that is in the United States, China or in both countries.

    If a patent is worth money in the United States, Jaech said it is also worth money in China and worth investigating to add a new layer of infringement protections.

    Vice Mayor Baishun elaborated, stating that there are no regional differences between patents across all of China. If it is valid in one Chinese province, it is valid statewide, according to Baishun.

    Describing what could help drive increased foreign investments into the Chinese marketplace, Cullen with the U.S. Chamber’s Global Intellectual Property Center said removing the uncertainty some companies have is essential.

    “When you have IP systems that are strong and create protections for companies, you will see a direct link to investment. Access to capital comes when you (companies) say, ‘I’m able to secure this product in the marketplace,’” he said.

    Following the panel, founder and chief executive officer of Toolots, Jason Fu, remarked, “I’ve learned a lot through these discussions and speeches given by our distinguished guests.”

    Fu described how he came to the United States as a Chinese immigrant in the 1990s, dreaming of coming to the country and starting a business since he was young. The successful business owner has owned and operating a wide range of companies throughout his career, but said it all came together when he created an online marketplace for industrial tools through the Bolton Group shortly after emigrating from China. Capitalizing on the Internet as a sales platform early on, Fu said the introduction of Google AdWords was “revolutionary” in helping connect directly with customers in need of equipment.

    “We are feeling the magic of the Internet, and its power,” Fu said of Toolots, a company he launched to provide industrial machinery from A to Z all around the world, similar to Amazon’s online marketplace where consumers are directly connected with manufacturers. Toolots is headquartered in Cerritos, California, and has locations in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Houston, Texas.

    The Toolots Inaugural Manufacturing Exchange Summit will continue through Aug. 31, 2016.

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