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  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: Sharp Industries

    Toolots is happy to announce the addition of  a new vendor, Sharp Industries, to our e-commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in Torrance, California, Sharp manufactures and sells precision machine tools. Sharp’s products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.  

    Sharp's premium vertical knee mill has more precise lateral movement and can work demanding jobs for longer periods of time.

    With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Sharp has supplied over 150, 000 machines worldwide to a variety of businesses in need of quality equipment and tools. Sharp's products include manual and CNC machine equipment such as lathes, mills, saws, surface grinders, vertical and horizontal CNC machine centers, CNC boring lathes, OD grinders, and more. To reduce costly downtime and repairs, Sharp keeps a majority of replacement parts in stock and will ship within 24 hours after an order is placed. 

    Sharp's manual precision lathe is equipped with a geared headstock and a triple bearing support system.

    In addition to its manufacturing and shipping capabilities, Sharp strives to offer its customers exceptional after-sales services. Currently the company has network of over 200 service dealers offering technical support, accessories, and genuine spare parts. Sharp also offers a one year warranty for its products including digital read out controls, and a two year warranty on parts and labor for FANUC controls. Furthermore, Sharp is committed to providing its customers with the necessary knowledge and expertise to use its products as safely and efficiently as possible. Due to this, Sharp offers operators training, tooling advisory, CNC programming, and more through both its in-house teams and partnered service providers. 

    Toolots is proud to offer our domestic and international customers manual and CNC precision machine tools through the inclusion of Sharp Industries! For purchasing information, please visit Sharp’s marketplace on 


  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: DTC Products


    Toolots is pleased to announce the addition of  a new vendor, DTC Products., to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in St. Charles, Illinois, DTC designs and manufactures jigs, tools, fixtures, and dies. DTC’s products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.  

    DTC's Slug Retention Machine comes with an adjustable light, a carrying case, and multiple grinder bits and accessories. At just 10 lbs, it can easily be used by a single person with just 90 PSI of compressed air to operate.

    DTC designs, manufactures, and distributes industrial products like tools, grooving wheels, grind sleeves, and ABS sensor holders. Currently the company is the manufacturer of the Slug Retention Machine, which is a pneumatic powered grinder that machines a groove into the sidewall of the die cavity in a stamping die. This prevents slugs from pulling onto the die surface, which may result in damage to the metal strip on the surface, the stamping die, or the stamped part. Essentially, the Slug Retention Machine helps increase productivity and efficiency by reducing labor costs and time spent sorting through parts to find slug marks, while also eliminating the need to stop the machine and remove slugs off of the die and stripper surface. Additionally, the machine can be used to vent die stripper openings and add grooves to die bushings and die inserts.  

    Toolots is excited to offer our domestic and international customers industrial products and the Slug Machine through the inclusion of DTC Products! For purchasing information, visit DTC’s marketplace on 


  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: Eoslift USA Corporation

    Toolots is proud to announce the addition of  a new vendor, Eoslift USA Corporation, to our e-commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in Ontario, California, Eoslift designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality material handling equipment. Eoslift’s products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.  

    Stock of Eoslift's fork lifts in their manufacturing facility.

    All of Eoslift's products are designed by their in-house R&D engineering team, and include drum pickers, manual and electric pallet stackers, scissor lift table carts, manual and electric pallet trucks, fork lift extensions, and more. Since 1999, the company has distributed its products, with over 150 property rights, globally using its distribution facilities located strategically throughout the U.S. This year, Eoslift was awarded the 2017 Best of Ontario Award in the Material Handling Equipment category by the Ontario Award Program for its continued commitment to creating high quality products and generating long-term value in the city of Ontario.  


    Eoslift Semi-Electric Stacker is energy efficient and perfect for narrow aisles or spaces.

    A proud member of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA Group), Eoslift has an independent, in-house Q&C team to monitor and assess the quality and production of all products. Additionally, to ensure the quality of each product, all members of the production line are trained and qualified to use CNC machines, precision laser cutting, and automatic robotic welding and spraying lines. 

    Toolots is happy to offer our domestic and international customers high quality material handling equipment through the inclusion of Eoslift USA Corporation! For purchasing information, visit Eoslift’s marketplace on 


  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: PolyShield LLC

    Toolots is excited to announce the addition of  a new vendor, PolyShield LLC, to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in Pickerington, Ohio, PolyShield manufactures protective plastic films that can be used in a multitude of applications. PolyShield's products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.  

    Specifications for PolyShield's ProtecTuff ML72 Clear Multi-Layer Protection Film.

    PolyShield's films help extend surface life by protecting or minimizing scratches, preventing chemical damage, reducing unit surface soiling, and protecting surfaces from repeated handling. Traditionally, each film consists of 4-7 layers, unless customized for specific projects, that easily tear off to provide new, undamaged surfaces overtime while the original surface remains protected. PolyShield's films can be adhered to metal, plastic, stone, glass, laminates, and painted surfaces. Additionally, all PolyShield's polymer films are proudly Made in the USA in a variety of sizes. 

    Toolots is happy to offer our domestic and international customer quality plastic protective films through the inclusion of PolyShield LLC! For purchasing information, visit PolyShield’s marketplace on 


  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: Stratojet


    Toolots is happy to announce the addition of a new vendor, Stratojet, to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in Santa Fe Springs, Stratojet manufactures wide format printers, flatbed cutters, and printing solutions. Stratojet’s products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.  

    Stratojet's Shark EFB-2512 Flatbed Printer 4'x8' can print on a variety of rigid and flexible substrates.

    Stratojet’s printers span from flatbed to dye sublimation, eco-solvent, and roll to roll UV curable to complete a variety of projects and signs. All printers are built with Accurate Dot Placement (ADP) technology which precisely places each drop of ink to improve midtones and the overall image quality while smoothing color transitions and reducing the number of printer passes. With over 20 years of experience in the printing industry, Stratojet ensures each printer is designed with the operator's ease of use in mind, and built with high quality components for durability in heavy or light production environments. 

    Stratojet's Shark Cut 2516 Flatbed Cutter 5'x8' is capable of cutting and creasing multiple materials such as corrugated board, cardboard, hard PVC, foam board, and more.

    In the event of an issue, the Stratojet team is committed to assisting their customers by offering a variety of after-sale services like phone and online support for troubleshooting resolutions. Additionally, through its network of technicians, the company can expedite part changes to reduce costly machine downtime. Furthermore, Stratojet's engineers have extensive knowledge on wide format hardware and software, many of which possess over 10 years of industry experience, and are manufacturer trained and authorized. 

    Toolots is excited to offer our domestic and international customers quality large format printers through the inclusion of Stratojet! For purchasing information, visit Stratojet USA’s marketplace on 


  • Toolots Announces $1 Million Lifetime Sales Milestone 

    CERRITOS, California- October 11, 2017- Toolots, an online marketplace and international cross-border platform for factory-direct industrial tools, machinery, equipment, and technology, announced it recently achieved $1 million in lifetime sales.  

    Headquartered in Cerritos California, the company was originally founded in May 2016 by CEO Jason Fu, who has 17 years of industry experience through his machinery supply company Bolton Tools. Through its innovative platform, Toolots aims to bolster the global manufacturing industry by helping SMEs overcome barriers, expand their businesses, and generate more revenue. 

    This is accomplished through Toolots' scalable, comprehensive services and ERP system currently being finalized. Vendors who partner with the company maintain their branding rights usually lost in traditional distribution models. In addition, vendor partners gain access to data allowing them to make transparent decisions and focus on daily operation tasks or overall business growth. Essentially, Toolots' model offers its customers quality equipment at competitive prices, thereby manufacturing SMEs to focus these funds on additional employees or services. Furthermore, the issue of after-sales services for purchased machinery and equipment, which often serves as a major concern to customers, is resolved through the company's network of service technicians on its YuuTool  repair app. 

    With the achievement of $1 million in lifetime sales, Toolots strives to support SMEs to strengthen cross-border relations and aid in the growth of the global manufacturing industry. 


  • Toolots Announces Its First Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment Vendor

    SHENGYANG, Liaoning-September 21, 2017 -Toolots CEO Jason Fu met with Bi Chunguang, the president of Liaoning Chunguang Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd., at Qibaoshan Hotel in Sheyang Province on Thursday, to discuss business opportunities.  

    Liaoning Chunguang Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an award-winning manufacturer of packaging machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, and other equipment in Liaoning Province. They are a trusted brand of equipment used widely among manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and household chemical industries. The company has five main product lines: liquid blowing potting automatic molding filling machinery, blister packaging machinery, automatic cartoning machinery, and automatic production line equipment, totaling more than 20 models overall. In addition to being a leading packaging machinery company in China, the company also exports to more than 60 countries in Southeast Asia and Europe. Customers include many well-known pharmaceutical companies in China, including Yunnan Baiyao, Tongrentang, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, and Tasly Pharmaceutical. 

    Chunguang mentioned that the pharmaceutical packaging industry in the US lags behind that of several other top economies like Germany, but that means room for improvement and therefore great opportunity. 

    Toolots CEO Jason Fu (right) with Bi Chunguang of Liaoning Chunguang Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., one of the industrial suppliers slated to expand into U.S. exports using Toolots.

    "To me this represents a collaborative effort, not only in regards to sales, but also in terms of development strategy for mutual growth," said Chunguang during the meeting. He also embraced Toolots' product display center concept in California, where flagship products are shown to prospective U.S. customers hoping to familiarize themselves with various product lines. Chunguang will be the first vendor to sell pharmaceutical packaging machinery on the platform. The machines manufactured by Chunguang will be vital to U.S. SMEs seeking to seal and protect their products from contamination or exposure during processes such as distribution, storage, and sale prior to their use. However, Chunguang's packaging machines also allow businesses to reduce their labor, improve productivity, and protect their workers from handling materials that may be hazardous or adversely affect their health.  

    Toolots will hold its Second Annual China-US Manufacturing Exchange Summit in China from November 12-14, 2017, to which Chunguang is invited, along with several other medical equipment manufacturing companies from China and the U.S. For additional information on the Summit, or to RSVP, visit our Eventbrite page here. 

    To view a Chinese version of this article, please click here.

  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: Deschner Corporation

    Toolots is pleased to announce the addition of a new vendor, Deschner Corporation, to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1960, Deschner manufactures shock absorbers, speed regulators, and kinecheks under their Corporate Mission of producing, “the highest quality products possible through manufacturing excellence.”

    Deschner's Impacta industrial shock absorbers are the value choice to decelerate fast moving equipment without bang or bounce.

    Mr. R. E. Deschner was known for his passion for innovation and quality long before Deschner Corporation. Previous industrial shock absorbers leaked and were unable to be adjusted to fit other applications. Similarly speed regulators were leaky, inconsistent, and cumbersome. In order to remove himself with what he felt was a “throw-away society,” Mr. Deschner worked hard to patent a new version of the shock absorbers and speed regulators that were adjustable and leak proof.

    Now Deschner is known globally and considered a world leader in quality industrial hydraulic speed controllers. Additionally, millions of their products being used each day from businesses small and large. Each Deschner product is proudly manufactured in the U.S., sold at an economical price, and handled with care until it reaches its final destination.

    Toolots is happy to offer our domestic and international customers the highest quality shock absorbers, speed regulators, and kinecheks through the inclusion of Deschner Corporation! For purchasing information, visit Deschner Corporation’s marketplace on


  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: May Tool, Inc.

    Toolots is excited to announce the addition of  a new vendor, May Tool, Inc., to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in Los Angeles, California, May Tool specializes in blacksmithing tools for the metalworking and construction industries. May Tool’s products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.

    Family owned and operated since 1958, May Tool has over 50 years of experience manufacturing fundamental tools often used in paving, construction, demolition, and more. To ensure the quality of their products, May Tool also provides air tool repair and steel sharpening services with one week turn around. These services include free pickup and delivery to job sites or equipment yards for convenience, allowing customers to focus on getting their job or projects done.

    May Tool's 42" Circle Shear Machine is Made in the USA and equipped with back gauge for help positioning work.

    In addition, May Tool’s in-house shop includes several mills and lathes enabling their experienced machinists to perform custom machining and fabrication. May Tool is committed to providing quality products to fulfill each company or customer’s unique tooling and machinery needs.

    Toolots is proud to offer our domestic and international customers quality metalworking and construction tools through the inclusion of May Tool! For purchasing information, visit May Tool, Inc.’s marketplace on

  • Announcing New Toolots Vendor: Kalamazoo Machine Tool

    Toolots is happy to announce the addition of a new vendor, Kalamazoo Machine Tool, also known as KMT Saw, to our E-Commerce marketplace and Global Commerce Services initiative! Based in Portage, Kalamazoo County, Michigan with a manufacturing facility in Italy, KMT Saw only deal in sawing machines and have been been manufacturing a broad range of circular saws and bandsaws since 1986. KMT Saw products are currently available on for sale to customers located domestically in the U.S. and internationally in China.

    KMT Saw H 6 A-NC 20" Automatic Double Column

    With roughly 30 years of industry experience, KMT Saw has shown their dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. During a critical time in the development of metal cutting sawing machines, KMT SAW partnered with IMET s.p.a. to develop products that met the increasingly high quality and safety requirements of their clients and the manufacturing industry. Additionally, KMT Saw highly values their customer service and support with 99% of parts orders shipped the same day (KMT)!

    Toolots is happy to offer our domestic and international customers an extensive range of metal cutting sawing machines through the inclusion of Kalamazoo Machine Tool! For purchasing information, visit KMT Saw’s marketplace on

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