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  • YuuTool Now Available on iOS and Google Play App Stores

    CERRITOS, Calif. – May 31, 2017 – YuuTool, a smartphone application developed by Toolots to revolutionize the way industrial machinery users service their equipment, has officially launched and is now available for free download in both the App Store and Google Play Store. The new platform allows users within the manufacturing community to connect with quick access to repair services, and discuss innovations within the industry, individual projects, machinery tips or best practices to complete the job at hand. By connecting users of industrial machinery with qualified service technicians in a similar manner to the way Uber connects those in need of a driver with a quick, affordable ride, YuuTool brings people together.

    YuuTool uses geolocation data to identify locally available technicians for industrial machinery repair as well as open jobs for those same professionals.

    The primary focus of YuuTool is to provide quality repair service for machinery owners and open new work opportunities for technicians, all based on a user’s relative GPS location through the Finder Feature. Machinery owners can post maintenance or repair work requests, which are visible to technicians who may then view and bid on each request. Technicians searching for local jobs to complete can view posts and submit quotes,

    YuuTool users can also find technicians or jobs using the app's list function in addition to searching based on the user's current location. Open jobs or work requests are publicly available to decrease operational downtime and generate new revenue for machinery technicians in the United States.

    decreasing operational downtime for machinery users. Through an interactive chat function, machinery users are able to record video and submit photos of a machinery or equipment problem to solicit more accurate estimates, as well as possible solutions that may be able to solve the problem remotely. Technicians can even save videos to sell as solutions for common machinery problems for users to implement on their own, or feature them on their profile to demonstrate their expertise.

    In addition to simplifying repair services for machinery owners and technicians, YuuTool offers a variety of functions for daily use that connect the manufacturing industry. The Industry News Feature is updated regularly to showcase recent industry innovations, new product lines, press releases, and relevant industry events like upcoming trade shows and networking opportunities. Users looking for troubleshooting tips, general manufacturing discussions, or to share industry knowledge can use the interactive Forum Feature and join the discussion. The app’s Marketplace Feature operates similar to classified ads, allowing any app users wanting to buy or sell used machinery, components, or accessories to trade within their local community.

    Users can also connect with other individuals or businesses through YuuTool, and may save contacts using the Friends Feature. Via the Messenger Feature, users have the ability to communicate with their new network and expand their contacts within the manufacturing community. YuuTool connects people for much more than simply industrial machinery repairs, but also for general discussion to guide the next job, a marketplace to sell used machines and components and networking to better support the United States’ growing manufacturing community. YuuTool is available for free downloaded today in the App Store and Google Play Store. Users can login using existing LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google + accounts, or create a non-linked account for sign-in purposes.

    YuuTool includes a Marketplace for users to purchase or sell used machinery, equipment and components. Think of it like a classified ads section that is always current.

    As a bonus to demonstrate our commitment to quality service, Toolots is offering an extra one-year parts warranty for free to users who register for YuuTool and purchase products through Toolots. That is in addition to the standard one-year parts warranty already offered by Toolots. Join the growing YuuTool community today, at no cost, via the App Store and Google Play Store.

    For more information about YuuTool or to give us feedback, please email us at or call (562) 653-4165. To stay up to date with the latest news and updates regarding the app and its features, be sure to follow YuuTool on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

    About Toolots

    Toolots, headquartered in Cerritos, California, offers an online marketplace and international distribution channel for factory-direct industrial tools, machinery, and technology. The user-friendly platform provides fast, easy access to high-quality, affordable equipment to manufacturers. Toolots provides comprehensive services for companies around the world who produce industrial machinery and equipment, helping streamline the marketing, omni-channel sales, warehousing, fulfillment and after-sales service. On the customer end, Toolots simplifies the purchase, delivery, installation and warranty of industrial technology, machinery and components, and upholds product quality through a vetted network of vendors and service technicians. The company’s dedication to fostering international trade relations passes on cost savings to the consumer, contributes to reduced downtime, improves productivity and expands a manufacturer’s reach. Toolots has strategically located warehouses, showrooms, and offices across the United States, China and as of May 2017, has expanded into Taiwan. For more information visit us online at


  • Toolots Launches Companion App YuuTool for Manufacturing Community

    YuuTool, released this December on Apple and Android marketplaces, connects owners and users of industrial machinery with technicians for repairs, maintenance, and more.

    December 16, 2016 Update: YuuTool has officially launched. To learn how to register, watch the video (below) or visit the YuuTool website.

    A screenshot of the easy, user-to-user interface A screenshot of the easy, user-to-user interface

    CERRITOS, Calif. - December 12, 2016 - A smartphone application developed by Toolots Inc., a California-based provider of factory-direct industrial machinery, equipment and technology, will soon connect customers around the world in need of repairs and maintenance on their equipment with qualified technicians based on the customer’s location. The application and online user-to-user resource network released by Toolots this month, called YuuTool, makes it easy to find a qualified service technician in your vicinity, no matter where you are. Yuutool’s unique design also allows qualified and vetted technicians to find local repair jobs. YuuTool is free to download on both the Apple and Android marketplaces.

    Developed to help manufacturers minimize operational downtime and avoid costly replacement machinery, YuuTool allows customers to focus on daily business operation tasks while mechanics come directly to you - from anywhere in the world. The application is easy to use, and contains a variety of helpful features such as text and picture messaging allowing customers and vendors to efficiently and effectively communicate. Take additional comfort in knowing that each partnering service provider has been vetted by Toolots, and the work performed satisfies any existing Toolots warranty.

    Through our proprietary smartphone application for both Apple and Android devices, YuuTool draws up a network of qualified mechanics near you, allowing you to choose and connect to the right professional for your specific equipment. The process is simple; open the app, click on a qualified mechanic at your preferred location, and call or email them directly through the application. It’s just as easy for vendors, who are only listed on YuuTool after thorough review of qualifications and vetting, to connect with customers and respond to their questions.

    YuuTool also includes an online forum and classified marketplace, allowing the machine tooling and manufacturing community a platform to interact and connect, solve mechanical problems or machine-related issues, and/or sell industrial equipment, tools, and components. The application provides user-to-user resources, empowering the industrial machinery sector to work together at the local level to find solutions.

    “YuuTool will change the way our customers, existing and future, think about repairs and maintenance on their industrial machinery. Mechanics come directly to you under our model,” said Toolots Chief Operating Officer Raymond Cheng. “Our mission is to increase access to services, help customer equipment stay in order longer and under warranty to prevent production disruptions and to ensure our customers are satisfied.”

    For more information about how YuuTool can help keep your essential machinery in working order, visit our website at The application is now available for free download on the Apple and Android online marketplaces.

    Features include:

        -Vetted network: YuuTool helps connect you with an international network of qualified service technicians who are ready to repair and service your industrial machinery, helping you keep up with demand and production.
        -Proprietary smartphone app: YuuTool’s application finds the technicians near you, pulling from a network of trained mechanics to minimize your operation downtime. Developed specifically for use by our customers, this application is user-friendly.
        -Quality repairs: Maintenance and repair services are performed by a network of skilled, experienced technicians and backed by the YuuTool warranty. No longer will customers have to single handedly track down a provider to maintain their warrantied equipment or devices.
      -Administrative support: Take comfort knowing that we at YuuTool have the administrative support to walk you through the process from start to finish, ensuring the job is done right. Our customer service team will guide you through the simple sign up procedure and proactively answer any questions you may have.

    For more information about YuuTool or Toolots, please contact Samantha Hyatt, Director of Public Affairs, at

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