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Proximity Sensor Inductive 16mm M18 DC 3 Wire PO PNP 2M Cable

TPIN: T8W222UK5 Condition: New
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1. Rated operating distance: 16mm

2. Unshielded

Product Description

Product Information
Technical Details
Model Number INE-16M18PO
Specification M18
Installation    f/nf Non-flush
Rated operating distance  Sn 16.0mm
Output function PNP NO
Technical Data
Dimensions      mm M18×50
Assured operating distance        0—12.8mm
Correction factors       Al 0.50, Brass 0.50, Stainless steel V2A 0.80.
Operating voltage    UB 10-30VDC
Peak voltage     V 10%
Switching element function NPN/PNP  NO/NC
Operating current 200mA
Non-load supply current 10mA
Voltage drop 1.5V
Off-state current 0.1mA
Switching frequency 150Hz
Response time 1mS
Switching hysteresis 15%(Sr)
Repeatability 1.0%(Sr)
Temperature drift 10%(Sr)
Ambient temperature


Ambient humidity 35—95%RH
Protection degree IP67
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Transient protection Yes
Short-circuit protection Yes
Shocks and vibration IEC60947- 5- 2/ 7. 4
Indication of the switching state LED, yellow
Mechanical specifications
Housing material nickel-plated brass
Sensing face PBT
Tightening torque 30.0Nm
Connection type Cable PVC, 2m 3×0.25mm2
Standards               EN 60947-5-2:2007     IEC 60947-5-2:2007
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