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Low Speed Granulator 2HP 460V 3Phase Capacity 17.6 - 22 lbs/hr

TPIN: 2AG8IDMWZ Condition: New
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1. Max output: 17.6 - 22 lbs/hr.
2. Cutting chamber: 10.3 × 10.3 inches .
3. Motor power: 2 Hp
4. Robust Construction for a long operating life.
5. Rotate Speed: 42 r/min

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Product Description
1. As a plastic machine attached machine the slow speed granulator is a non-mesh slow speed plastic recycling unit specially designed for granulate the shorts, defective products(include various hard plastic machine produced. 
2. The machine is characterized with stable and non-noise running, no powder pollution,granulating in even, no-overheating in operation, as well as the merits of safety, environment-friendly, power-saving, long time using life. 

Product Information
Technical Details
Length 43.3 Inches
Width 19.7 Inches
Height 38-1/2 Inches
Motor power 2 HP
Crushing ability 17.6-22 Ib
Color White/black
Diameter of granulating chamber 10.3 x 10.3 Inches
Rotate speed 42 r/min
Weight 573 Ib
Additional Information

$2,889.16 $3,399.00

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