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Vortex Tube

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Vortex Tubes convert compressed air into two streams one hot and one cold.  The cold air can be used to cool a variety of industrial applications such as drilling, sawing, cutting, lathes, electrical enclosures, and more.
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Product Description
An Arizona Vortex Tube is a device with no moving parts that will convert an ordinary stream of compressed air into two streams—one hot and one cold. A Vortex Tube can produce cold air down to -50 degree F. and hot air up to 260 degree F.
Compressed air is injected circumferentially into the tube at sonic speed and creates a cyclone (Vortex) spinning at a million revolutions per minute. Part of the air is forced to spin inward to the center hole and travels up the long tube where a valve turns the spinning column (Vortex) of air inside itself. The inside column or Vortex of air gives up its heat to the outside vortex or column. The cold air is directed out the cold end of the the Vortex Tube and the hot air is exhausted out of the other end of the Vortex Tube. The temperature and air flow is totally controllable with the adjusting knob.
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