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Phaeton Scientific Vacuum Oven With 4 Shelves 3.2cf

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1. Shelf heating distributes the heat uniformly under avacuum

2. Temperature fluctuation reaches  ±1F

3. Dual layer tempered glass door with LED lightsforclear observation

4. LCD display temperature PID controller withtouchbuttons

5. The working chamber is made up of  SUS 304Stainlesssteel and the outer shell is cold rolled steel.

6. Four immovable aluminum  shelves .

7.  ISO , CE  certified, standard.

Product Description

Shelf heating, the heating element is located at the bottom of theshelves.

The PID temperature controller with timing and touch button,which is easy to operate.

LCD screen shows data which are easy to view.  

The chamber is made of 304 stainless steel plate, and thebody is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel.

Oven is standard with KF25 to connect vacuum pump tube. 

Inert gas inlet hole can be filled with nitrogen gas or otherinert gas, if the experimental sample requires an inert environment.

Oil-filled mechanical pressure gauge is for more accuratevacuum readings.

Built-in advanced white LED lights are easy to observe samples.

FQA as below:

Q1. Canthe drying oven handle a slight vacuum? 600 Torr = 80kPa = 11.6 psi = 0.8 atm?

The vacuum oven can , The vacuum degree can reach 80KPA.

Q2. Wherein the interior chambers are the gas input and gas outlet/vacuum located? I amchecking to see if they are across the chamber from each other for good gasflow for drying.

The located of the parts can refer to the picture asbelow.

The vacuum oven can import gas through the air inlet, andthe vacuum pump can extract the gas so as to realize air convection.

1. Vacuum gauge

2. Air outlet hole

3. PID temperature controller

4. Power and LED light switch

5. Vacuum valve

6. Inert gas inlet valve

7. Observation window

8. Door handle

9. Leakage protection switch

10. Inert gas inlet hole

11. KF25 vacuum pump hole

12. Power socket

Q3 Allunits appear to have a stainless steel interior chambers. Do they have Al orstainless steel shelves? 

What is the tubing inside the oven made of?

What is the max temperature that the oven and the partswithin the oven can withstand?

The innner champer of both vacuum oven and drying ovenare  made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the shell is sprayed with coldrolled steel.

The racks of the vacuum oven is made of aluminum and theracks of drying oven is made of stainless steel. The tube of vacuum oven is made of  stainless steel.

The maximum operating temperature of the box is 200, and the temperature of the parts is 300.

Q 4  Arethe shelves solid or a rack? It looks like the drying oven has racks and thevacuum ovens are sold shelves.Are the shelves removable or fixed? Can they beadjusted for height (extra slots in the walls), or are they just removable?

The shelves of the vacuum oven are made of aluminum,hollow. The shelves of VO-16020 and VO-16050 vacuum oven can be adjustable,while VO-16090 and VO-16213 can not be adjustable.

The shelves of the drying box are solid stainlesssteel. And the shelves can be adjustable.

Q 5  Ineed to know if the vacuum oven  have auto start and stopfeature?

When the oven sets the running time,the devicewill automatically turn off and heat up after the time is over, and there willbe an alarm and reminder function.

There is no automatic start and stop function, there willbe an alarm function after the end of time running,

Q6  How many sides of the oven actually have heating elements?

The drying oven only the back of the oven haveheating tube.

Vacuum oven of model 16020/16050: Five-sidesheatingthe heating element is located on the outer and rear walls of thechamber.

While, Shelf heating (model 16092/16213), theheating element is located at the bottom of the shelves.

Q7 Doesthis oven require a vacuum pump?

Product Information
Technical Details
 Temperature Range RT+50300°F (turn on LED lights) or RT+50400°F (turn off LED lights)
 Temperature Fluctuation ±1°F
 Temperature Resolution 0.1°F
Vacuum 133Pa
Timing 19999min
Power Requirement AC220V 50HZ / 60HZ
(use transformer to suitable for 110V)
Power Consumption 1600W(220V)
Chamber Dimension (W*D*H) 17.72" X  17.72" X  17.72" 
Oven Dimension (W*D*H) 30.12" X 25.98" X 27.36" 
Standard Shelves 4pcs
 (shelf heating, fixed)
Volume 3.2CF
Oven Weight 243LBS
Additional Information
Description Qty Photo

Vacuum Oven

(4 Shelves)

Connector Fitting 1

Power Transformer

(110V to 220V)

Operation Manual 1

$2,890.00 $3,738.00

In Stock.