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330-880 pounds/h, 60Gal/min, Pneumatic Vacumm Feeder Powder Conveyor

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 NOTE: 1. Compressed air shouldbe oil-free and water-free, clean and dry.

2. Conveying capacity of QVC-1 is measured in 3 meters of conveying distance.

3. Conveying capacity of other types is measured in 4 meters of conveying distance.

4. There would be a big difference in conveying capacity becauseof different materials.

Product Description

Vacuum Generator: This is the core part of the vacuum conveyer, which providesthe power for vacuum conveying by using compressed air.

Filter: During the feeding time, airwould be conveyed to the hopper. In order to reserve materials in the hopper andpump air out, we install filters.

Back-BlowingSystem: During the feeding time, materialsare filtered and attached on the surface of filters. After plenty of workingcycles, the conveying capacity will reduce, because the filters are blocked. Therefore,we install the back-blowing system which does the cleaning job to the surfaceof filters with compressed air after each feeding cycle.

RateAdjustment Valve: Adjust the rate of unloadingdoor.

Unloading Door:  Close the hopper by closingunloading door, and complete the feeding/ unloading action by cooperated withrotating valve. After feeding process, the unloading door opens and thematerials drop into the receiving equipment.

ControlBox: The internal PCBcontrol panel working with magnetic valve together drives the action ofunloading door and vacuum generator. At the same time, the level meter controlsthe material level. And the conveying rate could be controlled by adjusting thefeeding/ unloading time.

Level Meter: When materials are approaching level meter, there will be a signalsent to control panel. The system pauses until materials are below the levelmeter. The levelmeter can be installed for the high material level, also be installed for lowmaterial level, and you can also use both high and low two material level meters.

Main application:

This machine is a single-press type, continuous automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, food, electronic, plastic and metallurgical industries.

Operating principle:
1. The outside part of the machine is fully-enclosed, and it is made of stainless steel, meeting the G.M.P requirement

2. It has transparent windows so that press condition can be observed clearly and the Windows can be opened. Cleaning and maintenance is easier.

3. The machine can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets, double-layer and annular tablets, and the tablets may have the impressed letters on both sides.

4. All the controller and devices are located in one side of the machine, so that it can be easier to operate

5. An overload protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage of the punches and apparatus, when overload occurs.

6. The machine's worm gear drive adopts fully-enclosed oil-immersed lubrication with long service-life, preventing cross pollution.

Product Information
Technical Details

 Technical Data:




Compressed Air consumption


Standard Size


Standard weight



150-400 / 330pounds - 880pounds/h

270 ,                60Gal/min



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$2,399.00 $3,980.00

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