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TONGDA Fully Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine HTSII-5L

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1. The No.1 blow molding machine in China

2. Max. Product Volume: 5 L

3. Station: Double Station

4. Size of Machine (L × W × H): 161 × 102 × 106 Inches

5. Weight of Machine: 17637 lb

Product Description


1. Electric system:

Touch screen operation: setting parameters, changing parameters, searching, monitoring, fault diagnosis and other functions are done by the touch screen.

2. Hydraulic system:

Adopt international famous brand hydraulic components, steady and reliable.

3. Plasticizing system:

High efficiency of plasticizing mixing screw ensures the plasticizing is full and even.

4. Speed control system:

Variable-frequency speed control and alloy steel hard tooth-face speed reducer, steady speed control, low noise, durable in use. 

5. Clamping and mold-moving system:

Durable in use, mold-lock pressure is balanced, no deformation, ball linear guide rail, high precision, low resistance and high speed.

6. Blow pin holder:

With the whole triangle blow pin holder you will have a steady non-moving machine that gives the cut product smoothness.

7. Deflashing system:

Independent system, reduce the cycle time and increase efficiency.



Product Information
Technical Details
Model / HTSII-5L
Max. Product Volume (gal) 1.32
Station / Double
Dry Cycle (pc/h) 700 × 2
Screw Diameter (inch) 5/32
Screw L/D Ratio (L/D) 25
Screw Drive Power (kW) 30
Screw Heating Power (kW) 17.6
No.of Heating Zone (Screw) (ZONE) 4
Output of HDPE (lb/h) 242
Hydraulic Pump Driving Power (kW) 11
Clamping Force (kN) 110
Platen Distance (inch) 15/64 - 20
Mold Moving Stroke (inch) 1 ft   5 45/64
Max.Size of Mold (W*H)  (inch) 17 1/4 x 16 1/2
Max.Die Diameter (Single-head) (inch) 45/64
Die Heating Power (Single-head) (kW) 7.6
No.of Heating Zone (Single-head) (ZONE) 3
Central Distance of Bi-head (inch) 19/64, 7
Max.Die Diameter (Bi-head) (inch) 1/4
No.of Heating Zone (Bi-head) (ZONE) 5
Heating Power (Bi-head) (kW) 10.7
Blowing Pressure (Mpa) 0.6
Air Consumption (cubic ft/min) 14.13
Cooling Water Pressure (Mpa) 0.2 - 0.3
Water Consumption (gal/min) 15-13/20
Size of Machine(L*W*H) (inch) 161 x 102 x 106
Weight of Machine (lb) 17637
Additional Information


The price, pictures and parameters are as a reference.  We will recommend the suitable machine for you according to your requirements.  Please provide following information for us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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