High Stability Hydraulic Busbar Machine 3 In 1 Bender Cutter Puncher

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1. It is suitable for construction in large workshops and transmission and distribution work sites. It is suitable for use in electrical cabinets such as power distribution cabinets and switch cabinets.
2. The equipment is equipped with: punching, cutting, bending three functions.
3. The reversing valve control: three function files, two oil return files, the function file can be arbitrarily converted when processing the copper bar. The switch during operation is controlled by the electric oil pump foot pedal.
4. Four universal casters are installed on the base of the equipment. Removable or fixed operation.
Product Description
This busbar machine is the light of advanced products, and combined with the actual order to improve efficiency and ensure the operational safety requirements designed equipment. Most suitable for large-scale production of electronic control box and transmission and distribution construction projects construction site use. High flexibility, small size and strong function, high production capacity and efficiency. Low-noise sound, beautiful and will not have finished processing the work environment pollution. Scope of work ( puncher, cutter, bender) outside the control of adding another 3m tubing valves can be equipped with crimp terminals, cut the cable, or embossing, etc. To achieve a machine. Hand can be directly transferred-plate seat, for long and short size standards, unified control norms. Four position switch precise valve control guidelines for the proper use of punching machine, curved board tools, cutting tools location. When the cut row, turn row switch to the cut side , when bending the sift switch to the bending side.
Product Information
Technical Details
Function Punching, Bending, Cutting
Rated Working Pressure 63Mpa
Voltage 110V 60Hz 750W
Weight 250kg
Cutting Force 15T
Cutting Capability Copper bar / Aluminum bar: 150mm * 10mm
Punching force 31T
Punching capacity Iron plate: 8mm; Copper Plate: 10mm; Aluminum Plate: 12mm
Punching dies 3/8"(Φ10.5mm), 1/2"(Φ13.8mm), 5/8"(Φ17mm), 3/4"(Φ20.5mm)
Bending force 20T
Bending capacity Copper bar / Aluminum bar: 200mm*12mm
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$2,467.80 $3,028.80