Strapping Tool Kit Fits Strap Width 3/4" For Use With Steel Strapping Made In Taiwan

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Made in Taiwan

1. These steel strapping kits include a wheeled cart, a tensioner, a sealer, and a cutter.

2. For users to transport, apply, and secure seals onto steel strapping.

3. Wheeled strapping carts can store and transport coils and tools around a facility.

4. This all-in-one steel-strapping kit gives you everything you need to start bounding with confidence.

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Product Description


These complete kits combine every tool you need to pack your product properly. It includes a strapping cart, a strapping cutter, a plastic strapping tensioner, and a strapping sealer. The strapping cart is a portable steel tool that accommodates 16" x7" strapping coil size.  The heavy-duty 8" tire wheel with steel cancer can move easily, and the brake stops the roll from turning or unwinding, With the specious tray convenient for seals or tools stocking. 

This Steel strapping has high-tensile strength to prevent snapping or pulling apart while securing heavy loads or loads with irregular or rough edges, such as cement blocks, lumber, and machinery.


● Spacious storage tray

● Heavy-duty steel strapping dispenser

● For plastic, polyester, and steel strapping

● Fits the strapping core, Dia. 16"

● 8" wheels for easy movement

● The troller brake stops the roll from turning or unwinding

This steel-strapping kit includes:

* Strapping Cart * 1

* Strapping Cutter * 1

* Plastic Strapping Tensioner * 1

* Strapping Sealer * 1

Strapping Cart

● Core size:16" (400mm)

● Max.strap width: 2"

● Max.face coil: 7"(180mm)

● Disc outer dia.: Metal 28"

● Coil winding: O

● Wheel type: 8" rubber w/steel center

● Assembled: Fully

Plastic Strapping Tensioner

● Popular feed wheel tensioner for steel strapping 

● Good for flat packages.

Steel-strapping Cutter

● Carbon steel drop forged cutter for 3/8"~3/4"x0.035" straps.

Plastic Strapping Sealer (3/4")

● PP strapping sealer

● The whole tool is heat-treated.

● Handle length: 17"

Trolley Type

Big enough to store battery or pneumatic tool

Rubber Wheel w/steel cencer

Heavy duty 8" rubber w/steel cencer

Trolley Brake

The brake stops the roll from turning or unwinding

Metal Disc

Constructed of Metal Disc 28"
Product Information
Technical Details

Kit Includes
Cart, Sealer, Cutter, and Tensioner
Kit Applications
Fits Strap Width
2" (51mm)
Max. Face Coil7"
Disc Outer Dia.28"
Strapping Wind
For Core Dia.
16" (400mm)
Core Width
2" (51mm)
Seal Surface Type
Strapping Seal Type
Closed Seals
Strapping Finish
Wheel Type8" rubber w/steel center
For Use With
Steel Strapping
Cart Fastener TypeBrake
Country of Origin

Additional Information

1. Steel Strapping Tensioner 

Net weight4.41 lb
Gross weight4.87 lb
Product Dimensions
14.9"x3.5"x3.9" (inch)

2. Steel 
Strapping  Cutter 

Net weight
2.71 lb
Gross weight
2.80 lb
Product Dimensions
9"x2.3"x1.18" (inch)

3. Steel Strapping Sealer (3/4")

Net weight
2.59 lb
Gross weight
2.68 lb
Product Dimensions
15.7"x3.9"x1.57" (inch)

4. Strapping Cart 

Net weight
66.14 lb
Gross weight
74.08 lb
Product Dimensions
28"x21.6"x35.58" (inch)

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$1,245.56 $1,556.96

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