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Stainless Steel Storage Tank with Rotary Spray Cleaner 316L 79 Gallon

TPIN: 0L8FUEVC4 Condition: New
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1. 300 Liter ( 79 gallon ) stainless steel tank.

2. Sanitary tank made of  SS316L ( inside part that contacts the liquid or material) and 304 ( Outer part ).

3. Inner wall of storage tank is polished to Ra0.45um smooth without any dead angles, the outer surface of the tank is matte brush finish. 

4. In the top of the tank, it’s installed sanitary spray ball rotatory which can clean the tank without any dead angles.

Product Description

1. It's mainly used in large infusion, water injection, oral solution and deionized water ( purified water)storage.

2. Its interfaces are of fast installation clamp style meeting ISO standard

3. Vertical storage tank has such features: rational design, advanced technology and automatic control, confirming to GMP certification requirements.

4. It’s furnished with manhole on the top, convenient for the maintaining, repairing, cleaning, and material feeding as well. 

5. It's installed with several quick interfaces, such as liquid inlet, liquid outlet, vent,  cleaning inlet, liquid level switch and two alternate inlets for other use.

storage tank drawing

Product Information
Technical Details
Outlets and Inlets
Symbol Name Connection Type Specification (mm) Specification ( Inch )
a Manhole Quick Opening 300 × 400 11-13/16 × 15-3/4
b Fluid Inlet Pipe Clamp DN25 1
c Fluid Outlet Pipe Clamp DN25 1
d Drain Outlet Pipe Clamp DN25 1
e Alternative Inlet 1 Pipe Clamp DN25 1
f Alternative Inlet 2 Pipe Clamp DN25 1
g Cleaning Inlet Pipe Clamp DN25 1
q Liquid Level Gauge Inlet Pipe Clamp DN25 1

Technical Parameters
Item Data
Norminal Pressure 0.2MPa  / 2 Bar / 29Psi
Working Pressure Atmospheric Pressure
Norminal Temperature Normal Temperature
Working Temperature Normal Temperature
Volume 79 Gallon ( 300 Liter )
Working Medium Water and other fluid
Item Inch MM
h1 53 1350
h2 25 - 1/2 650
h3 13 - 3/4 350
h4 2 50
d1 27 - 1/2 700
d2 21-21/32 550
d3 3 - 1/2 89
L 7-7/8 200
δ 1/8 3

Additional Information