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Crowd Control Stainless Retractable Belt Stanchion Base Cover.

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1. Height 2", Diameter 14", Weight 1.1 lbs.

2. Screw fix, rotation lock design is easy to install.

3. 4pcs/carton,price is for one piece.

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Product Description

1. This base cover is made of high quality stainless, height 2", diameter 14", weight 1.1 lbs;

2. Screw rotation lock design make it easily installed with concrete filled plastic base and stainless post;

3. Base cover should be used with matched concrete filled plastic base(ILVERW4GP) and stainless post(AVY1JWORE), one post,one stainless base cover and one concrete filled plastic base as a set;

Dear customer: If the quatity of post, base cover, and concrete filled plastic base is not matched as a set/sets, we shall have right to refuse delivery, we hope you can kindly understand!

Product Information
Technical Details
Item Post Base
Model No. TL-MRBB-Base-1A
Brand Orange Plas
Material Stainless
Height 2"
Dia. 14"
Weight 1.1 lb.
Color Stainless
Application Crowd Safety


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$6.00 $10.00

In Stock.