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16.5" Automatic 3 Glue Rollers Perfect Binder Glue Binding Machine

TPIN: WVAORE725 Condition: New
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1. Max. Binding Length: 420mm (16.5inch)

2. Max. Binding Thickness: 60mm (2.4inch)

3. Binding Speed: 350 books/hour

4. Gluing Mode: Double glue Rollers + side glue roller

5. 7-inch Touchscreen, more intelligent, perfect binder

6. Adhesive layer thickness 7-step adjustment

Product Description
1.Dual-Mode Concept
Two types of automatic glue binding modes can be freely selected as actually perfect binding requirements with working efficiency improved at most 50%. 
2.Smart Circuit & Early Warning
Smart circuit touching screen operation, automatic sensor and motor testing functions and working status prompt are convenient for trouble shooting. 

3.Glue tank
Double glue wheels and separate side gluing is used to get even and full gluing; the binding is firmer and the molding is better.

4.Glue line adjustment
Glue line adjustment is realized via different shifts and the thickness of the glue line is controlled easily.
5.Clamping plate
High-power variable speed motor and gear racks are employed to clamp the book synchronously so as to achieve excellent glue binding effect.
6.Guide rail
Reinforced double-rail design, brake motor, together with 06B chains gain stable running and accurate positioning.

7.Cover positioning board
User-friendly design of book-tidying surface and book-placing surface makes best use of space and makes the operation simple.

8.Touch screen operation
Touch screen operating panel in Chinese and English interfaces with smart circuit and warning prompt.

9.Emergency stop switch
Safe emergency stop meets the requirements of CE Standard.
10.Integrated book-clamping plate
Thickened integrated frame, double-rail lead screw, synchronous clamping technique; clamped paper does not deform or warped.

11.Milling cutter
24-tooth hard alloy sun milling cutter + double-slotted milling cutter with even milling back, increase binding strength of glue.

Product Information
Technical Details
Max. Binding Length420 mm (16.5 inch)
Max. Binding Thickness60 mm (2.4 inch)
Glue Melt Time<50 min
Binding Speed350 books/hour
Milling CutterSun Milling Cutter + Small Milling Cutters
Glue RollerTwo Rollers + Side Roller
Dual ModesFast Mode + Standard Mode
Power Supply110 V, 60 Hz
Power2000 W
Machine Size1580 x 560 x 1050 mm (62.2 x 22.0 x 41.3 inch)
Machine Weight270KG (595lbs)
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$3,999.00 $5,010.00

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