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Chamfering/Beveling Machine Portable/Desktop 2 in 1 Made in Taiwan

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Made in Taiwan

1. Portable or desktop chamfering machine 2 in 1.

2. BLDC servo motor.

3. Max. Chamfered width 0.275".

4. Adjustable bevel angle: 15°, 30 °, 45°.

5. Extra with 5 pieces R3 blades for chamfering R angle.

6. Variable speed 2000~6000 RPM

7. Overheating protection: Over 105 degrees Celsius it automatically shuts off.

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Product Description

The chamfering machines adopt a synchronous servo motor technology and allow operators to adjust the machining speed according to the hardness of materials.

1. 2-in-1 functionality: Portable or desktop patented chamfering machines can be transformed in one second.

2. A multi-handle design to satisfy all types of users.

3. Standard guide plates can be adjusted at three different angles: 15°, 30°, 45°.

4. The rotation speed can be adjusted from 2,000 RPM to 6,000 RPM with an infinitely variable speed dial. 

5. Adopting synchronous servo motors which could adjust the rotation speed up to 5,000~6,000 rpm and provide the function of automatic speed feedback. It breaks through the traditional limits of given rotation speed from 50Hz: 2,860 to 60Hz: 3,450rpm. The rotation speed can be adjusted with the hardness-softness of chamfered materials and the chamfered area. It creates a smooth end-face surface and saves your time and strength during your cutting phase.

6. The BLDC servo motor has overheating protection:  if the machine reaches 221°F (105°C) it automatically shuts off.

7. The front bearing is a Japanese 5205ZZ (Double Row Angular Bearings) which can be better concentricity and higher loading capacity for heavy chamfering duties.

8. Three ball pins are added on the guide plate. The contact area can be adjusted at all times, thereby ensuring a smooth chamfering process.

9.   Chamfering capacity at 45°: front width<7mm (0~7C), side width<10mm (0~10mm/45°).    

10. Cutting blade with 5 Indexable blades.

11. Extra with 5 pieces R3 blades for chamfering R angle.

12. Offer R5 blades for optional purchase.

Product Information
Technical Details



Power Input

Single-Phase 110V; 60 Hz



Servo motor input





2,000~6,000 rpm

Chamfering capacity

≤ 0.275"( 7C)

Chamfering capacity (Side Width)

≤ 0.393"(10 mm)at 45°

Chamfering Angle


Carbide insert blade




Additional Information

Gross Weight


Packing Dimensions

15.7" X 17"X 11.8"

$1,080.00 $1,500.00

In Stock.