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Semi-Automatic Skin Packaging Machine Max. Card Size 18" x 24"

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1. Skin Packaging Card Format Available: 18" × 24" (455mm × 610mm)

2. Max. Film Width: 20″ (508mm)

3. Max. Product Height: 2-3/8″ (60mm)

4. Max. Packing Speed: 3 -6 pcs/min

5. Voltage: 220V, 3 phases, 60Hz

6. Packing Skin Material: PVC, PE, Surlyen

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Product Description

Skin packaging is a type of carded packaging where a product (or products) is placed on a piece of paperboard, and a thin sheet of transparent plastic is placed over the product and paperboard. This kind of packaging not only has the function of moisture-proof and dustproof, but also can make the products have a good looking.


SP-2008 is an economically priced, free-standing skin packaging machine. Features include:

a. A completely self-contained machine, only requiring a single electrical connection for full operation.

b. Equipped with an air-reserve tank to increase the performance of the pump.

c. Heating by halogen lamp of stable performance.

d. Easy to use by using digital time relay to control the operation.


SP-2008 can be widely used to package products such as hardware, toy, stationery, glasses, small daily use articles, battery, handicraft, auto fitting, electric appliance part, souvenir, etc. The effect of the packaged product is shown below.


It is also very simple to operate this machine.

How to choose films used on SP-2008?

PE film is soft and non-polluting after burning and can be used for high quality packaging.

PVC film is harder, but cheaper, and produces toxic gases after combustion.

Surlyen film has the best packaging effect, but it’s also the most expensive packaging material.



If air permeability of the cardboard is too poor and the machine cannot extract the air between the film and the cardboard, some small holes have to be punched in the cardboard.

If the board is breathable, there is no need to punch holes in the board.

Product Information
Technical Details



Max. Card Size

18" × 24" (455mm × 610mm)

Max. Film Width

20″ (508mm)

Max. Product Height

2-3/8″ (60mm)

Max. Packing Speed

3 -6 pcs/min


230V±10%, 3 phase, 60Hz


9.4 hp (7kW)

Packing Skin Material

PVC, PE, Surlyen

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