92'' Heavy Duty Skid Steer Snow Pusher Attachment

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1. Universal skid steer style hookup 
2. 1/5'' mian plate
3. 3/10'' side plate
Product Description
Snow pushers can increase snow removal productivity by 500% when compared to truck snow plows. 

The snow pusher’s advantage over a truck snow plow is the ability to contain, push, and stack massive amounts of snow into a pile. Truck snow plows have limited containment and stacking capabilities.

The snow pusher cutting edge is a simple but effective design that can easily clear wet, heavy snow from the plowing surface. In many cases, the edge is rigid to remove pesky hardpack snow and ice.

Ease of use is a major benefit of using the snow pusher.  It requires minimal training before even first-time snow plow operators can begin using it effectively.
Product Information
Technical Details
Weight 722 lb
Width 92 in
Depth 37  in
Height 36 in
Cutting Edge Thickness 0.47 in
Cutting Edge Materia Steel
Additional Information

Package Size 95 x 40 x 41 in
Shipping Weight 800 lb  

$2,079.39 $3,722.40

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