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*Toolots is not responsible for any costs, losses, or damages associated with the use of any of the products sold by or through Toolots.

Please note: If your product arrives damaged, please contact the carrier that delivered your package(s) within 24 hours of receipt. Toolots cannot accept responsibility for damage incurred after a customer has signed for delivered products in good condition.

For factory-shipped products:

Factory-shipped products must be unused or defective to be eligible for return or exchange (shipping fees may be assessed to the customer, depending on the manufacturer).

Factory-shipped products may be subject to a 20% restocking fee (this applies to most products, though some manufacturers may charge more or less)

Factory-shipped products require approval from the manufacturer and are not to be returned directly to Toolots.

Refunds are for the cost of the product ONLY.

For internationally-consigned products:

Toolots offers a 14-day return or exchange on any product in our store.*

Please read this entire Return Policy for specific requirements and eligibility.


  • Unopened products may be returned for a refund back to the same account used during the purchase process or for exchange. (See Shipping & Handling Fees and Exchanges / Store Credit, below.)


  • Defective products, at your discretion can be exchanged or refunded. If you opted for exchange, an equal item will be shipped to you. If such item has been discontinued or is out of stock, a refund will be issue back to the same account it was charged from. (See Exchanges / Store Credit, and Return Requirements & Procedures, and Return of Defective Products below.)

(RMA) Return Merchandise Authorization

Prior to returning any product, you must complete a Return Form to obtain an RMA # and return address. An RMA # can be obtained by contacting Customer Service, who will guide you through the process (844) 866-5687. All packages being returned must have a valid RMA# written on the outside. Any packages received without and RMA will be refused and returned to the customer at customer's expense. (See Shipping & Handling Fees, below.) Products are eligible for refund within our 14-Day return period. (See 14-Day Return Period, below.)


Exchanges / Store Credit

Exchanges are allowed within 14 days from the time the product was delivered. (See 14-Day Return Period, below.)
If you purchased an incorrect item, you no longer need such item, or the product is not what you intended to order etc. you may return it to us in its original (unopened/unused) condition for exchange, however please be advised that a 20% re-stocking fee will apply. If the item you wish to exchange it for is of a higher value, you will be required to pay the difference.

If you opted for an exchange of a defective product, we will email you a return shipping label for you to return the defective product.  Once the product is received and inspected if found to be in compliance with this Return Policy, we will immediately send you a replacement product free of charge.

Note: If received defective product and require a replacement product urgently (before we receive your defective product), you will need to place a new order for that item. Once the original defective product is received, a full refund will be issue back for the new order placed. (See Return of Defective Products, below.)

Canceling Orders

If you wish to cancel an order, you will need to Contact Us immediately to process your request. If your order has already shipped, you will need to request an RMA# to return the order and you will be responsible for any shipping fees. (See Shipping & Handling Fees, below.) 

Return Requirements & Procedures

Customer must re-crate returned products and all returned products must be accompanied with its original packaging, and include all accessories, components/parts, and manuals. Not returning all accessories or components, will result in a fee, to be determined in Toolots sole discretion, which shall be equal to the value of the missing components of the returned item, including without limitation liquids such as oils and lubricants, fasteners, and bearings.  Customers must clean and/or remove materials used on returned products.  Toolots in its sole discretion may refuse to accept returned items that have not been cleaned by Customer prior to return, or charge a fee for cleaning and/or removal of materials that may have been used on or in the returned item.  Fees for missing components and cleaning or removal of materials from returned items will be deducted from any refund due to customer.  When returning a product that may leak during transit, customers are responsible to ensure proper packaging and sealing to avoid any spill that may affect any other parts.  

Once the product arrives at our warehouse, it will be inspected and weighed as part of our return procedure.  Products that have been modified, altered, tampered with or misused in any way may result in refund denial.  Products that are claimed faulty during the return process and are found to be fully operational during our inspection may result in refund denial and may be sent back to the customer at customer's expense. (See Shipping & Handling Fees, below.)

14 Day Return Period*

A product may be returned for refund or exchange within 14 calendar days from the date it was delivered. Any product received after 14 calendar days will not be accepted and it will be returned to the customer at customer's expense. *This 14 day return period will be subject to the manufacturer’s return policy if such policy is less than 14 days.


Shipping & Handling Fees

All products returned for a refund must be shipped by customer via customer's preferred shipping method. We recommend using the most economical shipping method that can provide proof of delivery to confirm receipt on our end.  Toolots is not responsible for returned products lost in transit. We recommend adding tracking to your return to confirm receipt. Retain all tracking information as it will be used in the even that your package never reaches us.

Except for the return of items shipped in error by Toolots and defective products returned within the 14-day return period (as noted below), all shipping, handling, and insurance charges are additional charges to customers and non-refundable.  If the wrong product was shipped to you, please contact us immediately to correct the error.


Failed Delivery

Occasionally, an order will leave our warehouse but is not able to be delivered to the customer by the requested shipping carrier. Please note that shipping accuracy is solely your responsibility. The delivery address must be accurate, and suitable for receiving packages from the carrier. In the event that a package is returned to us by the shipping carrier, re-shipment will proceed at your expense. If an unopened shipper-returned order is cancelled by you, a refund can be processed to the original form of payment, but shipping fees will be deducted from the order total. (See Shipping & Handling Fees, above.)

IMPORTANT: UPS or FedEx cannot deliver to any Post Office Box or other unattended address.  Under certain circumstances at our discretion, we may use UPS or FedEx for Ground Delivery if the shipping address is not properly labeled as "P.O. Box".


Refund Processing Time

Once the returned product is received at our warehouse, it will normally take between 1-2 weeks for the refund to be issued. When completed, an email will be automatically sent to you with the refund amount and refund ID.  Refunds will be paid to your original form of payment. For orders that have been paid for by check, money order or cash, and where customer would like a refund and is qualified for a refund per the terms of this Return Policy, Toolots will issue a check for the refund to the Customer.


Return of Defective Products


In the event that Toolots receives a product that you claim is defective and we confirm the defect upon our receipt of the product, then in our sole discretion, we will remove any charges for the product from your credit card with no additional fees to you, or repair, or replace, at no charge to you, the returned product if the defect is not the result of misuse, customer modification/alterations, or use other than as intended. Repairs or replacements may include new or refurbished replacement parts, at our discretion. Replacements may be different, but functionally equivalent models. Refunds, repair and replacements will occur within a timeframe to be determined by Toolots in its sole discretion.  Restocking fees will not apply to defective products returned within the14-day return period.


If we determine, in our sole discretion, that the returned product is not defective, then we reserve the right to charge for any return shipping costs we have incurred and the 20% restocking fee, but will remove the charges for the product from your credit card, minus restocking fee, shipping fees, and any additional fees as described in “Return Requirements and Procedures” above.


Customer Self-Help

If prior to the return of an item, you would like to attempt a product diagnosis or repair, you have the option of contacting Toolots for assistance via telephone, email or other modes of communication.  In the event that you request such assistance from Toolots and are provided with any information or assistance from Toolots, you agree that any attempt to self-diagnose or self-repair any product purchased through Toolots, whether with off-site assistance from Toolots or not, shall be performed at your own risk.  Toolots will have no liability, responsibility, or obligation for any misdiagnosis, failure to repair, equipment or product breakage, or other related damages, whether such damages directly or indirectly arise from any information or assistance provided by Toolots.  


All product sold by Toolots that require customer modifications or auxiliary equipment additions are the sole responsibilities of the customer. Toolots is not liable for costs of additional modifications or auxiliary equipment, any damage to the product arising from the modifications or addition to the product, or for any losses to persons or property arising from the modification or addition to the product by the Customer.