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Optical Linear Scale 0 to 8 Inch / 0 to 220 mm Range

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1. Optical linear scale range: 0 to 8 inch / 0 to 220 mm.

2. Resolution: 0.0002 inch, accuracy: +/- 0.0002 inch.

3. Grating system: The transmissive and infrared optical measuring system, the infrared wave length is 880nm.

Product Description

A linear scale is used for displacement measurement, it features a removable scale channel and adjustable head assembly for easy, accurate, permanent positioning on a machine tool bed or other mobile device. The scale channel, and a matching positioning tool, has balls at opposite ends engaging a socketed mounting bracket. When in use, the flexible socket coupling is clamped into immobility by removable covers over open faces of the mounting brackets. 

Right installation of a linear scale is import to the accuracy of measurement. Please read the installation manual carefully before your installation. Brackets and screws are available.

Product Information
Technical Details
Voltage  5V
Output Signal TTL EIA-422-A 
Resolution ( Decimal Inch ) 0.0002
Accuracy ( Inch ) +/- 0.0002
Biggest Working Speed  60 m / min
Working Tempeture

14 °F~140 °F / -10 °C60 °C 

Storage Temperature

-22 °F~158 °F / -30 °C70 °C

Relative Humidity ( RH )


Grating System The transmissive and infrared optical measuring system, the infrared wave length is 880nm.
Reading Head Sliding System  Vertical or 45° five precision bearing system
Measuring Length 8 inch / 220 mm
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