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PolyShield ProtecTuff ML72 Clear Multi-Layer Protection Film

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PolyShield is intended to extend surface life by preventing or reducing scratches, protect from repeated touching, reduce unit surface soiling, and prevent chemical damage. Package includes: 20 packets (100 sheets total at 48" x 20" each); custom options availble for varied pricing.

*Works very well with Paint Booths and Spray Booths*

*Customizable to any size need and custom amounts*

Product Description

ProtecTuff™ ML72 film is designed to provide protection to windows and lighting fixtures in paint booths from overspray, dirt, abrasion and chemical attack. Our high technology abrasion and chemical resistant surface significantly extends the life of each tear-off layer. The multi-layer design allows for easy and fast renewal of a damaged surface with minimal down time. This product is designed for flat, non-porous substrates that are clean, free of dirt or debris.

  • Multi-layers (7 layers) of scratch, abrasion and chemical resistant film with mounting adhesive around the perimeter for fast easy installation

  • Multi-layer construction allows a single installation with multiple surface renewals

  • 50 micron (2-mil) PET film results in a thin overall construction to ease handling

  • Each layer has a highly scratch and chemical resistant layer precision coated onto its surface to extend the life of the product

  • High clarity construction allows maximum lighting in the paint booth

  • Fast & easy removal of damaged layers to expose fresh ‘renewed’ surface.

  • Laser cut to size: 48" x 20"

  • 5 sheets per packet (7 layers per sheet)

  • Applications include: metal, plastic, stone, glass, laminates, and painted surfaces

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