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5/8" x 6' 4 Leg Chain Sling w/Self-Locking Hooks Grade 80, 17600lb WLL

TPIN: 3DH2DH6C7 Condition: New
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Four Legs chain, 6.56 ft long, Chain Diameter: 5/8"

  • Grade 80
  • 4 Times coefficient of safety
  • Material: alloy steel

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Product Description


Item #Diameter of Chain DIMENSIONS LNumber of Sling legs90°α=60°α=45°α=30°
PL-164085/8"3.15"417637 lbs37479 lbs26015 lbs21663 lbs

Safe use of the chain:

1. When operating the lifting chain, the nominal quality grade of the lifting chain shall be the same as that of the chain used;

2. Before the use of chain sling, the static load test should be carried out with twice the limit working load of a single limb first. During the test, the sling should be suspended for 10min without damage or obvious elongation of some links.

3. When the heavy objects are being hoisted by multi-limb lifting chains (belts), the clamping force on the heavy objects will increase with the increase of the included Angle between the lifting chains (belts). When the strength and toughness of the heavy objects are too low to bear the excessive clamping force, the included Angle between the lifting chains (belts) should be reduced as far as possible, so as to avoid the breakage caused by excessive clamping force on the objects being hoisted.(Picture 1)

(Picture 1)

4. The level of lifting auxiliary components shall not be lower than that of ring chain.

5. It is forbidden to use non-normal connecting parts between the chains (sling).(Figure II)

(picture 2)

6. The heavy objects should be hung at the bottom of the hook slot, and should not be hung at the source of the hook point. Under normal circumstances, when lifting heavy objects, the hook mouth should be hanging outward. (Picture 3)


(Picture 3)


7. The bearing ring chain (sling) is prohibited to be directly hung on the hook tip of the lifting machinery hook or wound on the hook.(Picture 4)

(Picture 4)

8. When lifting heavy objects, the lifting, dropping and stopping should be slow and steady. Pay attention to balance the center of gravity of the object to be lifted, avoid impact load, and do not hang heavy objects on the chain (sling) for a long time.

9. Do not attempt to force the chain from under the weight or allow the weight to roll over the chain.

10. The lower end of the no-load lifting chain and the no-load segment of the multi-limb load-bearing chain after unloading should be hung on the crane hook or the upper end of the accessories; (Picture 5)

(Picture 5)

11. Handle the chain with care, and do not beat, throw or drag it on the ground. To prevent falling from high places, so as not to cause deformation, surface and internal damage of the chain;

12. After use, the lifting chain shall be cleaned and tested accordingly. If there is no abnormality, it shall be placed on the special support, not on the ground; The main ring is placed on the bracket, and the lower auxiliary is hung upside down on the upper end of the chain. The hoisting ring chain should not be stored on the ground, but should be hung or put on the shelf. Clean all sling storage. Apply anti-rust oil after drying. The storage place should be ventilated, dry and without corrosive atmosphere. (Picture 6)


(Picture 6)

Chain link inspection:

1. Whether the chain ring has plastic deformation;

2. No cracks, cracks, obvious rusts or other defects harmful to use on any part of the sling;

3. The chain, middle ring and connection ring should rotate flexibly;

4. Wear between the links and the contact parts between the links and the end accessories, and wear conditions of other parts;

5. The inspection must be carried out by professional technicians.

Product Information
Technical Details

Grade: 80

Sling Length: 6.56 ft
Work Load Limit: 17600 lbsSling Legs: 4
Diameter of Chain: 5/8"Chain Size: 3.15"
Finished: Orange PaintMaterial: Alloy Steel 

Additional Information

$648.00 $1,277.00

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