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US Patent Leak-proof Air Blow Gun With Turbo Air Nozzle

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1.Air blow gun test pressure: 280 psi (20kg/cm2)
2.Pipe length: 5"
3.Inlet: 1/4 PT
4. The innovation of air blow gun: volume adjustable, labor-saving trigger, no-leakage problem.
5. Suitable for industries that need air duster, such as factories, machine tools, vehicles, etc.
6. User-friendly: air nozzle makes turbo air volume.
7. Professional:  multi-national patents (USA, OHIM RCD, Germany, Japan, etc.) and awards.
8. Eco-friendly: parts can be disassembled and easy maintenance.

9. Material: POM

Product Description

 Patent air blow gun V.S. traditional air blow gun 

air blow gun

V  Construction Redesigned

Normally closed design withstands high air pressure and prevents leakage.

Piston type, labor-saving trigger, components can be disassembled and repaired.


Make turbo air volume by attaching the air nozzle.

Atomizing liquids for cleaning and lubrication by attaching the spray nozzle.


Volume adjustable.


Retaining ringfree from long-time pressing.


air blow gun


‧Leakage occurs and electricity waste in high air pressure when air blow gun becomes worn.

‧Cost increased and energy wasted- Spring type is laborious and easily broken.

‧Buy extra air blow gun as high volume needed.

‧Buy extra spray gun as spray function needed.

Not all air volume can be adjusted.

No retaining ring.

 2 Functions with air blow gun and nozzle 

Function 1:

air blow gun

Function 2:

slidable air nozzle

introduction of air blow gun with nozzle


●Volume adjustable.

●Free from long-time pressing.

●Nozzle slidable.

usage of air nozzle


 ●Suitable for industries which need air duster, such as factories, machine tools, vehicles, etc.

 ●Widen the range of blowing that iron fillings won’t rebound.

 ●With the same air output, attaching the nozzle that can make turbo air volume to save energy.


 ●Traditional air blow gun pipe: equip the nozzle with a pipe, and tighten its bolt onto the pipe.

 ●Front/Back bent or straight pipe: slide the nozzle to front to get high air volume or slide it back as using original air volume.


 The usage of holder 

 Maintenance- air blow gun 

Replace o-rings if leakage occurs.

maintenance with air blow gun
O-RING Specification (internal diameter * width) / unit: mm | in
P5 4.8 * 1.9   |   19/100" * 2/25"
P6 5.8 * 1.9   |   11/50" * 2/25"
14*2 14 * 2   |   14/25" * 2/25"
Product Information
Technical Details
Brand Name Whywait
Air blow gun body and nozzles material POM
Air blow gun test pressure 280 psi (20kg/cm2)
Pipe length 5"
Inlet 1/4 PT
Additional Information

 Multi-national Patent 

Air Blow Gun
USA US 9,827,576 B2
Taiwan M506656
China 201520323684.9
OHIM RCD 002658484-0001
Germany 202016104724.2
Japan 3197968
Korea 20-2015-0002171

$16.90 $29.00

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