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Oil Mist collector ARK-25A (No filter) Made in Taiwan

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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

Made in Taiwan

(A)Environmental protection recycling: The actual recycling rate is 99%.

(B)Energy-saving and carbon reduction

(C)Air purification: It has reached the national standard.

1. High efficiency, compact size, and easy to be installed in tiny space or machine.

2. Low malfunction rate, easy for maintenance, and the pre-filter can be cleaned repeatedly.

3. It is easy to install, and it can be extensively used all sites that might generate oil mist.

4. It can absorb oil mist of 0.3 um and the efficiency is as high as 99.9%, after filtering and purification, it can be recycled and re-used.

5. It is delicately designed and developed by a professional team, the motor can have its perfect performance, in addition, its airflow rate is high, it is of low noise and it is very power-saving.

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Product Description

Features :

In addition to capturing nano dust and toxic substance, it can also recycle and re-use oil mist in the air, through the interception of oil mist, dust, toxic gas and odor, the effect of air purification in the work environment can be reached. Therefore, the work environment of higher function, higher efficiency, and the best comfort can be reached. Features of products of this company are:

(1) Strict QC.

(2) Its operation can meet the trends of technology orientation and computerization.

(3) It brings higher work efficiency to technical personnel.

(4) On-time delivery could also bring more competitive advantages to your business.

Meanwhile, the use of our company’s product could bring you advantages as follows:

(A) It can reduce industrial accidents.

(B) It can reduce hidden diseases in the human body.

(C) It can reduce the consumption of cooling liquid.

(D) It can create a more comfortable work environment.

(E) It can purify the quality of the work environment. 

It can intercept the iron scrap and impurity generated from pollution sources, and it can reach the optimal performance of pre-filtering.

1. Unique cylinder specially filtered machine design patent.

2. As compared to the general model, it has a pre-filter for cleaning.

3. The filter is of imported material to reach effective filtering results.

4. It can intercept oil mist with an efficiency as high as 99.9%.

5. Oil mist separation design can reach world environment organization standards.

6. Voltage selection is available: 220V/380V.

Product Information
Technical Details

Product model numberARK-25
0.4 KW
220V/380V   50/60 Hz
Rotational speed
3400 RPM
Airflow rate
27/29 m³/min

Static pressure value

1.91 / 2.35
Noise value
Suck-in diameter
5〞(123 mm)

Additional Information
Net Weight
33 kg / 72.75 lb
Gross Weight

34 kg / 74.96 lb  


48×48×67 cm / 1.58×1.58×2.20 ft

$1,480.00 $1,655.00

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