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30HP Oil Free Water Lubrication Smart ENERGY-SAVING Screw Compressor

TPIN: SFOWV81P4 Condition: New
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WARRANTY:90-Days Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by: yutool

1. Optimal water lubricating screw unit

2.  Minimal maintenance supplies

3. The strongest cloud network support (optional):

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Product Description

Selt-learing function, intelligent  start/ stop;

Detect the ambient temperature to prevent the ambient temperature from being too high temperature to cause high- temperature failure;

Detect the terminal pressure of  the post-treatment equipment to effectively prevent the compressed air's pressure different from being too high to waste electric energy;

Detect the motor's temperature to protect it;

1. Optimal water lubricating screw unit

Gramklin Water Lubricating Screw Unit adopts:  PEEK (super strength and super anti-wear polymer material)  gate rotor, aerospace-grade full stainless steel rotor and the brand-new American production process, being perfect at all.

2.  Minimal maintenance supplies

Air filter element and nano water filter element;

Gramklin water Lubricating  Oil-Free compressor system can achieve non-stop automatic water replacement at a  preset interval of water replacement, thus facilitating customers.

3. The strongest cloud network support (optional):

Gramklin Cloud Network's Housekeeper provides monitoring functions:

24-hour online wireless interconnection monitoring to keep an eye on your compressor's  operational status and parameters to escort use of your compressor;

Multi-machine remote joint control;

Remote early warning of failure and stop alarm for agents, manufacturers and customers to know the air compressor's operation instantly and give a  prempt and instant response, thus enusring normal production of  customers to the larest extent;

Remote prompt remainding of normal maintenance and care to agents

Reminders of these functions can be given via SMS or computer

Product Information
Technical Details

Maxinmum Work pressure Mpa:   0.8-1.25

AAD   m³/min:     3.52-2.78

Motor Power (kw/hp):  22/30

Noise (dB): 65

Pipe Diameters oACooling waterinlet and outlet:  1''

Quantity oA ccoling water  Water entering 32 ℃  T/H   :  5

Lubricating water:   30

Weight ( kg):   730

Air outlet:    1''

Additional Information

$18,000.00 $29,999.00

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