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Nickel coating NMTB40 Shell Mill Holder FMA1-1/4" Pilot 1-1/2" Proj.

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1. TIR: ≤ 0.0002"
2. Material: 20 CrMnTi
3. Works on all NMTB40 Machines
4. Rear thread for pull stud is 5/8" - 11
5. Hardened to 56 – 60 HRC 

6. Projection: 1-1/2"

Product Description

Nickel coating NMTB40 Shell Mill Holder 1-1/4" Pilot Dia. 1.5" Proj. T.I.R.≤0.0002"

NMTB FMA (DIN2080) face milling arbors CNC milling tool holders, used in the clamping of the cutter with the radial drive groove, such as the face milling cutter, the vertical disc cutter, the set type end mill, high speed and high precision machining. Mechanical spindle and cutting tools and other accessories. High Precision NMTB shank Tool Holder. 

ChongDe is a manufacture in R&D, production, sales and services with ISO9001 certificate. The main products are precision tool holder, clamping collet, pull stud, nut, spanner and other machine tool accessories with the  standards of ISO, DIN, ANSI / ASME, JIS and local GB,etc. Now, our products have exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

1. TIR: ≤ 0.0002"
2. Material: 20 CrMnTi
3. Works on all NMTB40 Machines 
4. Rear thread for pull stud is 5/8" - 11
5. Constructed of alloy steel hardened to 56 – 60 HRC for long, durable service life
6. AT3 or better accuracy standard taper specification for maximum contact with spindle.
7. Nickel coating surface, Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, durability better.

Why Buy A Balanced Tool holder?

Tool holders make the all-important connection between the cutting tool and the spindle. With the hard-earned money you invest in cutting tools, it only makes sense to do everything possible to increase tool life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use balanced tool holders.

Tool holders can greatly influence the difference in tool life.

The use of a balanced tool holder can result in increased accuracy and repeat ability due to less vibration and chatter. They can help to improve spindle bearing life and improve surface finish. They can save your time by allowing for faster speed and feed rates. All of these benefits mean that you save time and money.

Anti-rust, Anti-corrosion, Durability better
◆ Coating adhesion strong, enhance hardness, and anti-rust better in different surroundings, such as acid, alkali, ammonia, salt etc.
◆ Overall nickel coating, including inside and outside cone, even if you do not take any anti-rust actions, it will not rust either, don't influence processing precision and spindle.
◆ Improve cleanness, precision more stable, surface more smooth, feel more comfortable and appearance nicer.

Product Information
Technical Details



Brand NamechongdeSizeNMTB40
TIR ≤ 0.0002"
Drawbar Thread Size5/8" - 11Pilot Diameter(d) 1-1/4"
Net Weight3.06 lbsNose Diameter(D) 2-3/4"
Gross Weight3.72 lbsProjection (L1)1-1/2"
Meas2.9" X 2.9" X 7"Overall Length(L)5.867"
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