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7.7 Cu.ft White Chest Deep Frozen Food Double Door DC Solar Freezer

TPIN: OO2NSIPOK Condition: New
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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. 12V/24V DC solar chest freezer.

2. It is more suitable for big family or commercial.

3. Digital controller.

4. To operate, this unit required a mono/poly solar panel, gel battery and a solar system controller. if there is no solar panel and battery on your side, please order adapter separately.

5. This chest style freezer is easy to clean using the drain hole at the bottom of the unit.

Product Description

※ To operate per day, this unit requires mono/poly solar panels, battery and a solar charge controller. please order solar system separately and easy installation by an electrician.

※ If there is no solar panel and battery on your side, Also you could order adapter and easy to use as the diagram showed

*** NOTICE: The image shown here is indicative only. If there is inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern. 

Product Information
Technical Details



-0.4℉~ 50℉

Input Voltage12/24V
Power Consumption84W
External Dimensions42-13/64 x 22-1/2 x 33-45/64 IN
Net Weight105.8 LBS
Additional Information

Packing Dimensions : 45.3 x 24.8 x 37 in

Gross Weight : 110 LBS


Q : Can I use this unit at home on an AC (alternating current) input power socket?

    Yes, you can, however you will need an AC/ DC adapter. Please purchase this if you do not already have one.

Q : what specification solar panels and batteries need to be configured for this product ?

   Please contact distributor or local service counter.

Q : Does this chest freezer have a handle?

    Yes, but it needs to be installed the handle after receiving the goods.

The following issues are not trouble.

1 . Sometimes there is frost on the surface of fridge caused by high

ambient temperature or infrequent door opening. Buyers can wipe the frost off.

2 . There is sound of water flow or water boiling which is the sound of

refrigerant flowing normally.

3 . When the freezer is working, compressor and condenser will heat,

these are normal phenomenon.

4 . The compressor will be working for a long time when storing too

much food over heat.

5 . The compressor will be working for a long time to keep the inner cabinet temperature when the ambient temperature is very high. 
Notice :When the freezer got problems, please check by this manual first. If the problems still can not be resolved, please contact distributor or local service counter. Please do not disassemble without expert guide.

$759.00 $1,107.00

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