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Morgan Industries Plastic Injection Molding Machine 5 oz. G-125T

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Made in USA


Model G-125T

- 7.5 cu. in. (5 oz.) max. single shot

- 20 ton max. clamping force (toggle)

- 9,000 psi max. injection pressure

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Product Description

The Morgan-Presses are versatile injection molding machines designed to reduce the costs of production. Its unique design was especially developed to make injection molding of plastic parts practical and economical in the quantities required for rapid prototyping and low-volume production. This makes it ideal for model shops, medical device manufacturers, R & D labs, and many other plastic injection molding applications that require short-run production needs.


Standard Features on All Morgan-Press Machines

- Solid State Temperature Controllers - featuring digital set point and readout, 3-mode proportioning and programmable controls, 0-800°F (0-430°C)

- Injection Speed Control - for adjusting injection speeds slower and faster where cavity fill rates are critical

- Upper platen assembly

- Heavy duty cast aluminum construction

- Hardened and chrome-plated barrels (material melt cylinders)

- Precision ground chrome-plated stanchion rods

- Generous 8" x 11" (maximum) mold plan area

- Convenient hook-up requirements, 120 volt AC, compressed air 160 psi (max.)

- 240 Volt AC available on request

Product Information
Technical Details

Common to all models

- Temperature Control Range: 0-800°F (0-430°C) 

- Mold plan area: 8" x 11" (maximum)

- Utilities required: Electrical 120 volts AC; Compressed air 160 psi (max.) 1CFM (max.)



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