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Industrial Modular Drawer Cabinet 10 Drawers 28 1/4" x 28 1/2" x 60"

TPIN: WI7X4L6Z9 Condition: New
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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. Only one drawer can be open at a time. ( Never open more than one drawer at a time.)

2. Advance central locking system that locks all drawers with one lock, ensuring the drawers safely open and managed.

3. Full-extension drawers (100% opening access.)

4. Maximum capacity: 440lbs (220kgs) per drawer.

5. Welded, double-wall steel construction made of 16 gauge steel and 8 gauge of posts and slides, forkliftable.

6 Full width handle for better riip and a flush, catch-free front imbedded aluminum alloy. Plastic cover label drawer content visibility and organization.

7. You can freely choose drawers of different heights to meet your needs.

8. Adjustable partitions and dividers allow configuring compartments to meet specific needs.

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Product Description

Modular Drawer Cabinet 10 Drawers 28 1/4"W x 28 1/2"D x 60"H

Forklift base included with 60"H models.

Welded construction for heavy duty industrial applications.

Includes two 3"H Drawers,  five 4"H drawers, two 8"H drawers and one 12"H drawer.

Construct: Assembled.

Powder coated finish.

Anti tilting Mechanism Central Locking system prevent the cabinet from tipping over by blocking all other drawers when one drawer is pulled out. One lock can lock all drawers.

**Open only one drawer at a time.

Each drawer hold up to 440 lbs (220kgs) when loads are evenly distributed. 

Drawers open easily on side mounted tracks.

Roller glides allow full-access drawer extension.

Drawer with special slide rail design, bearing principle, heavy duty capacity, easy and smooth pull-push.


Label with plastic cover on each drawer handles allow easy labeling of drawer contents.

Variety of drawers accessories available: partitons, dividers, plactic bins etc.

Application Scenes:

Factory workshop and warehouse

Automoible service shop


Public facilities like airports, subways, etc.

Product Information
Technical Details

Width (Inches) 28 1/4"
Depth (Inches)28 1/2"
Height (Inches)60"
ConstructionHeavy duty Industrial construction
Drawer Capacity (lbs)440 lbs
Drawer Quantity10
Drawer Height 2 (3") ,  5 ( 4"), 2 ( 8"), 1 (12")
Locking System
Anti tilting Mechanism Central Lock

Additional Information

Packaging Dimseion

Width Inches30"
Depth Inches30"
Height Inches64.8"
Net Weight
475 lbs
Gross Weight
505 lbs

$1,073.99 $1,602.00

In Stock.