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MY1300 Diamond Acrylic Polishing Machine Touch Screen 1300mm

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1. Working length is 1300mm or unlimited. working thickness is 100mm. 

2. Cutting angle range: 0° - 60°.

3. Three pieces cutting tools to accelerate the polishing speed, and the polishing surface to get a mirror effect.
4. With touchscreen.

Product Description

1. Acrylic diamond polishing machine focuses on acrylic edge processing, it uses the diamond tool or PCD tool polishing surface to get the mirror effect.


2. Acrylic diamond polishing machine eliminates the traditional polishing process disadvantages (such as cloth round polishing or flame polishing), a machine to save the traditional manual 25 workers.

3. After polishing the product angular, transparent, bright and clean, with good linearity, no dust, low loss. It is suitable for high-grade acrylic products, precision crystal products and LED products, the products with good quality and high efficiency, is one of the indispensable equipment for the acrylic products manufacturers.


4. Product guarantee: One year for the machine except cutting tools. If the machine works 8 hours a day, about 5 months the cutting tools need to be resharpened.

Product Information
Technical Details
Model MY-1300
Power Supply  220V 60Hz 3 Phase 
Principal Axis Speed 7000-9000RPM
Cutting Speed



Cutting Angle 0-60°
Compressed Air 0.6-0.8Mpa 
Complete Power



Weight 1032KG (Include wood packing )
(2275.17 lbs)
Principal Axis Depth Cut  0~3mm
Cutting Mode Spindle feeding
Work Area 1300mm × 100mm
(51.18" × 3.93")
Size of Dust Mouth



Machine Size 2150mm × 1200mm × 1790mm
(84.64" × 47.22" × 70.47")
Additional Information