MHP-20 Electric Hydraulic Punching Machine Hole Puncher Metal Puncher Portable Mechanical Hole Punching Machine 12Ton 1300w

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1. Fast Punch. It can quickly puch through 6mm low carbon steel in less than 3 seconds.

2. Accurate positioning. Suitable for punching of various materials.

2. Various use.It suitable for 3-8mm thick copper plate/aluminum plate.

4. It also can be used on 3-6mm thick iron plate/steel plate/angle steel/angle iron.

5. Five Applicable Dies. Φ6.5mm/Φ9mm/Φ13mm/Φ17mm/Φ20.5mm.

Product Description

This hole punch is portable, and can be operated anytime, anywhere. Equipped with an auxiliary handle, it can be operated by hand, which is convenient for working at different angles. The electric hydraulic hole punch can be used in punching on steel plate, angle steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, and U-steel, especially in some industrial and mechanical place. It come with 5 Sets Punch and Die(Dia. 6.5mm, 9mm, 13mm, 17mm and 20.5mm)

Product Information
Technical Details
                                         PORTABLE ELECTRIC PUNCHING MACHINE-ANGLE STEEL
Thickness≤8mm & 0.3in DEEP THROAT 40mm & 1.6in
CONTRIBUTE 12T IRON/STEEL PLATE Thickness≤6mm & 0.24in
PUNCHING DIAMETER 4.2~20.5mm & 0.16~0.8in PUNCHING SPEED 2-3seconds
SIZE 50x19.5x10cm & 19.6x7.7x4in WEIGHT 15.6KG & 34.4LBS
STANDARD MOLD φ6.5mm(0.26in),φ9mm(0.35in),φ13mm(0.5in),φ17mm(0.7in),φ20.5mm(0.8in)
Other specifications can be customized
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$489.00 $599.00

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