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Long Stroke Pumping Unit PRL 17985 Lbf Stroke 236 In.

TPIN: YID2MVTVX Condition: New
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In Stock. Fulfilled by MANYOHL Pumping Units.
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The above quotation is based on FOB China.
1. Rated polished rod load: 17985lbf
2. Max. stroke length: 236in.
3. Lift capacity: 3597lbf
4. Strokes per minute: 3.0
5. 39.4in. beam moving distance, crane not necessary during workover progress.

Product Description

The long stroke pumping units have obtained a number of patents and the API certification.  Hundreds of pumping units are operating in Daqing oilfield in China.  A pumping unit model is on display at the Houston warehouse of Toolots and the pumping units can also be customized by requests.




1. Long stroke length.  236in. stroke length and 3 strokes per minute ensure a high pumping efficiency.

2. Simple structure.  The tower-type of truss structure provides the pumping unit a lighter weight and smaller wind resistance, and makes the pumping unit very convenient to transport and install.

3. Easy workover.  The entire pumping unit is supported by a mobile base and the workover distance can be got by turning the hand wheel of the mobile base, so no crane is required in the workover progress.

4. Simple and reliable drive system.  The pumping unit is driven by a high torque low speed synchronous motor and has no reducer in the drive system.

5. High balance rate.  The sucker rod and the counter weight directly fixed to the rope cylinder by a wire rope with long service life are on the contrary side of the rope cylinder, and makes the balance rate of the pumping unit reach more than 95%.

6. High automation.  The servo control system can control the motor to realize step-less speed change and smooth steering change.  Parameters can be checked on the touch screen and the operation of the pumping unit can also be adjusted by the touch screen without stopping the machine.

7. Strong adaptability.  The sand-proof temperature control room which can protect it from dust, sand and salt fog significantly improve the reliability and service life and helps the pumping unit apply to desert, sea and high cold areas etc.


A good upgrade substitute for the general beam pumping unit.

Suitable for general oil wells, low permeability oil wells, thick oil wells, deep oil wells, offshore oil platforms etc.

Product Information
Technical Details



Rated Polished Rod Load

17985lbf / 80kN

Max. Stroke Length

236in. / 6m

Lift Capacity

3597lbf / 16kN

Strokes Per Minute


Beam Moving Distance

0-39.4in. / 0-1000mm

Size L × W × H

12.8ft × 9.2ft × 35.6ft

Working Temperature

-40~140℉ / -40~60℃

Additional Information


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