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Magnetic Hoist Crane Permanent Magnetic Lifter 880 LB

TPIN: WXFNRN0Y9 Condition: New
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WARRANTY:90-Days Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by: yutool

1.Maximum Weight Capacity: 880 lbs for steel plate, 440 lbs for round steel
2.Max pull off Force: 3000 lbs
3. V design on the bottom, easier to lift up the round steel.
4. Working temperature: -104 to 176 ℉ (-40°C to 80°C).
5. The magnetic lifter is safe and reliable, small and compact, easy to operate.
6. Turn left to open suction, turn right to close suction.
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Product Description

QX serious magnetic lifters are mainly used in shipyards, structural parts factories, warehouses, workshops, freight yards, etc. It can be used with various lifting equipment in the suction special plate massive ferromagnetic materials or workpieces, also can be suitable for suction steel plate, casting Ingots and section steel, and also can be used to suck and transport scrap steel and broken iron, which can be used in a single unit, or multiple units can be used to suck and transport large and long ferromagnetic materials. It used for easy operation, strong suction force, safe and reliable, etc. It is already used widely on factory, warehouse transportation and so on to save more time and labor productivity.

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$178.00 $198.00

In Stock.