Skid Steer Concrete Breaker Attachment

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1. No back head charging required
2. Increased front head wall thickness for added service life
3. Increase in back head pressure results in 25% greater impact energy

Product Description

The Hydraulic Concrete Breakers for skid steers is ideal for heavy industrial work such as breaking up tough concrete slabs, rough patch work of cement, and tearing up any kind of cement or concrete that you may need to remove. Ideal for mini-excavators, compact utility loaders and some skid-steer loader applications. CD designed side bolt threads provide even load distribution and greater surface contact between the nut and bolt reducing the chances of thru-bolt failure.

Connection mode:bob-tach

Product Information
Technical Details
Overall Length 55in
Overall width 45.7in
Overall height 18.4in
Weight 900 lbs
Impact Energy Class 750 ft lb
Working Steel Diameter 2.67 in
Blows Per Minute (variable) 620 - 1150
Oil Flow Range 11.9 - 21.9 gpm
Operating Pressure Range 1,566 - 2,175 psi
Relief Pressure 2,310 - 2,610 psi
Recommended Machine Carrier Range 7,000 - 15,900 lbs
Additional Information

Skid Steer Attachment Connection

Full size skid steer loaders feature a Universal Skid Steer attachment plate (commonly referred to as a quick attach or "quick tach") which is compatible with standard full size skid steer attachments. There are exceptions, so the images below feature the universal skid steer mounting plate, which comes included with all full size skid steer attachments for sale on our website. This mounting plate is compatible with the Universal Skid Steer "quick attach", which is used by modern full size skid steer machines. This mounting plate WILL NOT fit mini skid steer (stand on / walk behind) machines of any brand.


$3,273.40 $6,523.40