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Artificial Intelligence Powder Packing Machine For Round Coner Sachet

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1. Adjustable fill range: Max. 100ml (3.38 oz)
2. Sealing Style: Three side sealing
3. Bag length: 50 - 160 mm(1.97" – 6.3")
4. Comes with one bag former and applicable film width is 75mm (2.95")
5. Packaging speed: Max. 55 bags/min
6. AC power input: 220V, 60Hz
7. Suitable for quantitative packaging of dry powder

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Product Description

L-100AIFSO-BS Vertical Packaging Machine is a CE certified automatic powder auger filler machine for powders. Quantitative filling, bag forming, and sealing, date printing can be disposable completed in this machine. The machine can be used by the food, chemical, pet, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors to package a wide variety of products.

Our equipment can ensure 100% will not clip to the material, on the other hand, our equipment has weighing function. The packaging accuracy of our equipment can be within 0.1g, and then the products that do not meet the set weight can be automatically removed without manual weighing.

1. Using artificial intelligence AI technology, fast calculations, and linkage of each part of the machine to run, so that one person can operate multiple machines, saving labor and packaging costs.

2. The automatic weighing function can detect materials in real time and automatically complete the set weight.

3. The automatic rejection function can reject the unqualified products after the packaging, and prevent the unqualified products from entering the bag.

4. The horizontal sealing servo control function avoids semi-finished products and ensures that every package is a complete product.

5. The automatic adjustment function can adjust the received accuracy error through the pulse signal, and the preset value can be reached within 2-3 bags.

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Application & Bag Type

Suitable for quantitative packaging of powder, such as flour, milk powder, coffee powder, chili powder and other kinds of dry powder material.

AI Auger Packing Machine Ordinary Auger Packing Machine Advantage Market Price Difference
Control System Servo Horizontal and Vertical Sealing System Pneumatic or Asynchronous Motor Transverse Sealing System Digital control, all actions can be combined and switched arbitrarily to realize accurate control of the equipment. $800
Precision Control Automatic Weighing and Rejecting System None Automatic weight adjustment to maintain accurate weight and automatic rejection of unqualified products. $3,200
Metering Dvice Servo Auger Metering Stepper Auger Metering Small auger noise, high metering accuracy; realize digital control of metering device, fast feedback and timely. $2,800
Auger Category Straight Auger Inclined Screw The auger goes straight to the bottom of the bag to reduce the feeding time and prevent the powder from fluttering. $900
Packaging Speed 35-55bags/min 20-30bags/min Packing twice as fast.
Summary: Spend an extra $3,000 to $5,000 in purchasing costs to get about $7,000 in value-added configurations, twice the packaging speed, high precision bags with beautiful shapes, and double the revenue.

Product Information
Technical Details





Sealing Style

Back sealing

Horizontal Sealing

Straight grain

Horizontal Cutting

Round corner cut

Filling Range

Max. 100mL (3.38 oz)

Packaging Speed

Max. 55 bags/min

Bag Width

Max. 60mm

Bag Length

50 - 160 mm (1.97" – 6.3")

Bag Former

One bag former suit for 75mm width film

(Other specifications of bag former need to be customized)

Film Roll Width

Max. 200mm (7.87")

Film Roll External Diameter

Max. 300mm (11.81")

Film Roll Inner Diameter

76mm (3")

Bag Pulling

Servo motor bag pulling

Print Coder

3-line hot stamp coder

AC Power Input

220V, 60Hz, 1 phase

Total Power

1.8 KW / 2.4 HP

Additional Information

Machine Size

51.18" × 22.05" × 85.04" (1300 × 560 × 2160 mm)

Machine Weight

661 lbs (300kg)

Q: Can your machine make bags of other sizes?
A: Of course, you can contact us to customize the bag maker. 

$15,000.00 $15,800.00

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