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Kilowood CNC ER Collet Chuck Tool Holder CAT50 ER40 4.00" G2.5 15000 RPM 0.0001"

TPIN: PL6GCP6PG Condition: New
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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. TIR: 0.0001" at collet face

2. Balanced: Up to G2.5 15,000 rpm

3. Coolant-thru: thru-tool coolant

4. Works on all CAT50 machines

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Product Description

ER Collet Chucks are an ideal solution for most drilling and lighter higher speed milling applications producing

operational speeds as high as 15,000 RPM. The versatile design of the ER Collet Chuck provides a wide

range of machining options, from production to high precision machining. Simply select the right collet and

nut combination from our range of performance choices to achieve the best toolholder for your application.  




• Works on all CAT50 machines

• Collet nut is included

• Coolant thru capability

• Not threaded for internal stop screw

• All critical tool holder surfaces precision ground

• Tool Holder is Balanced to G2.5 at 15,000 rpm

• Concentricity is less than 0.0001" at collet face

• Constructed of alloy steel hardened to 56 – 60 HRC for long, durable service life

• AT3 or better accuracy standard taper specification for maximum contact with spindle.




Why Buy A Balanced Toolholder?

Tool holders make the all-important connection between the cutting tool and the spindle. With the hard-earned

money you invest in cutting tools, it only makes sense to do everything possible to increase tool life. One of the

easiest ways to do this is to use balanced toolholders.

Toolholders can greatly influence the difference in tool life.

The use of a balanced toolholder can result in increased accuracy and repeatability due to less vibration and

chatter. They can help to improve spindle bearing life and improve surface finish. They can save your time by

allowing for faster speed and feed rates. All of these benefits mean that you save time and money.


Why Are They Balanced To G2.5 or G6.3?

Quite simply, this means that the toolholder balance is consistent with the spindle as recommended by

International Standards Organization (ISO) standards. Balancing to the spindle is the best of class balanced

tool holder. KILOWOOD is international Quality AT3 Class balanced V-flange toolholder manufactured to the

highest degree of technical excellence.

Condition Brand New Balance Spec G2.5 @ 15,000 rpms
Brand  Kilowood TIR ≤0.0001"
Taper Size CAT50 Finish Black Oxide
Collet Size ER40 L1 4.00"
Material Hardened Alloy Steel L 7.41"
Model Number CAT50-ER40-4.00 d 2.48"
SKU Q000057516 Net Weight 134.66 oz
Coolant Thru Yes Gross Weight 146.06 oz
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