Industrial Equipment Technical Support (Entry Level)

Industrial Equipment Technical Support (Entry Level)

Position Highlights:

Due to the nature of the start up atmosphere the individual to fill this position will have the opportunity to advance quickly.   This candidate’s potential is only capped by their own determination and thirst for knowledge. Being a cross platform company, the ideal candidate must have patience, must be driven, must be capable of working independently, and contribute to team projects quickly and efficiently.


Daily Routine:

  1. Assist walk in customers – being able to help walk in customers with technical support is essential to this role.
  2. Assist customer calls/emails – customer calling in regards to an issue with an assembly or disassembly or troubleshooting machinery. This will require in house machine inspection to develop proper solutions to the customer’s issue.
  3. Inspect technical diagrams – must be able to understand part assembly diagrams with little to no explanation.
  4. Excellent documentation – all work done must be neatly and properly recorded. This will include recording video footage during repair work to add to our technical video library.
  5. Electrical work – must be comfortable working with 110V 220V 380V 440V & 480V. Also need to have sound knowledge in common industrial electronic components.
  6. Technical Sales Assistance – Comfortable exchanging engineering concepts with prospective customers and capable of sourcing an answer.

Machine Knowledge Base:

  1. CNC Machines
  2. Metal Lathes
  3. Metal Mills
  4. Metal Cutting Saws
  5. Pipe & Bar Fabrication
  6. Sheet Metal Machines
  7. Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  8. Plastic Extruders
  9. Laser Engravers Co2
  10. Heat Press Machines
  11. Large Format Laminators
  12. Chocolate Machinery
  13. And many others.


Required Education:

High school education, GED, or Vocational.


Preferred Education:

Bachelors of Science from ABET accredited Engineering program.


Preferred Experience:

1+ years of industrial equipment technical support is preferred, but we are willing to train!