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Manual Hydraulic Pipe Bender (1/2" - 2")

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1. Mainly used for pipe plastic forming, pipe bending machine without heating sand filling process
2. Curved arc smooth, clear, small deformation
3. Easy to use and carry
4. Suitable for various situations, like factories and mines, rural areas, chemical industry, refrigeration., etc.
5. The molds are made of ductile iron, which has higher strength, better toughness, and plasticity than ordinary gray cast iron

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Product Description

SF series manual hydraulic tube bender is a kind of light type tube bending machine which adopts fast-slow plunger pump,To enhance its  efficiency, tube is cold-bended by oil pressure. Featured  reasonable design, compact  structure, easy operation and maintenance,  it  is a kind of ideal tube bending  machine  for construction, chemical, water-supply and petroleum pipeline.           

To reduce labor intensity, our factory can also produce DF  series motor-driven hydraulic tube  bender  which  is much more efficient and to operate.

Product Information
Technical Details
Model SWG-2A SWG-3B SWG-4C
Ltem Unit
Max.working pressure MPa 44 59 62
Max.off-load pressure MPa 47-51 59 62
Max.working load KN 88 196 206
Max. Working stroke MM/Inch 250mm/9.85'' 320mm/12.6'' 370mm/14.6''
Capacity diameter MM/Inch Φ21.5-60mm/0.85-2.36'' Φ21.5-88.5mm/0.85-3.49'' Φ21.5-108mm/0.85-4.26''
Thickness MM/Inch 2.75-4.5/0.11-0.18'' 2.75-4.5/0.11-0.18'' 2.75-4.5/0.11-0.18''
Oil tank capacity L(MM/Inch) 1.2mm/0.05'' 1.8mm/0.05'' 3mm/0.05''
Bending angle π/2≤a π/2≤a< Π/2≤a<π
rad <π π
Oil grade # N15 N15 N15
Max. Operating force N ≤490 ≤490 ≤490
Machine weight kg 59(108)kg/130(238)Lbs 124(108)kg/273(238)Lbs 196(245))kg/432(238)Lbs
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$299.00 $399.00

In Stock.