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80W GSI Co2 Laser Tube For Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

TPIN: 78LHMVW1Z Condition: New
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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. Output Power(Rated power/Max power):80W/110W

2. Cooling Requirements:Water Temperature 59-77℉

3. Beam Quality:  ≤1.1㎡(≤11.9 ft²)

4. Optimum Operating Current (mA) / (W): 20/80

5. Close to Perfect Model TEM00 profile & American II-VI Lens

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Product Description

Why choose us

1. Extra-long warranty is 18 months, other products are generally 12 months

2. For the same model, our highest power value is 10~20w higher than others, and the power is stable

3. Material advantages, good products come from good materials and craftsmanship. We are all selected well-known accessory companies for materials, American II-VI, Kurt J. Lesker brand, GSI craftsmanship

4. After-sales service is also one of our characteristics. A very strong and professional after-sales team will help you eliminate troubles and solve difficulties during product use.

Product Information
Technical Details

Imported Positive High Pressure
Output Power(Rated power/Max power)(W) 80W/110W
Beam Quality(㎡) ≤1.1
"N"Type Waist located at output coupler
Beam Waist(2W)(in) 0.20
Beam Divergence(mrad full angle) 2.5
"B"Type Waist located outside the output coupler
Beam Waist(2W)(in) 0.19
Beam Divergence(mrad full angle) 3.1
Pointing Stability(mrad) <0.1
Typical Power Stablilty(±% after warm up) 5
Power stability(Within 20 minutes after startup±%) 3
Maximum Strike Voltage(KV) 40
Rated Operating Current/Absolute max.(mA) 20/32
Optimum operating current(mA)/(W) 20/80
Power requirements Positive high pressure
Dynamic range 6﹕1
Single Phase 110V/60Hz(A) 7
Cooling Requirements Water Temperature 59-77℉
Min/Max Pressure(bar) 2∕5
Cooling (I/min)(de-ionized water) 3.6
Water cooling(W) 650
L(in) 50.39


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$299.00 $780.00

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