Carbide Burr Double Cut Rotary Burr File Mould File 1Pc

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1. Can Process Metals Materials And Non-metals Materials.

2. Diameter 8mm, Super hard Alloy Base Body, High Efficiency.

3. Basically it can replace the small grinding wheel with handle, and there is no dust pollution.

4. High production efficiency. Increasing productivity of 10 times than using hand tools and 3-5 times than using small emery wheels.

5. Easy to master and simple to use, which can reduce labor intensity and improve working environment.

6. Long service life. Its abrasion resistance is ten times better than high speed steel knife,more than 100 times better than small emery wheels.

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Product Description

Carbide bur also called rotary file,mould file,hard carbide high speed milling cutter and hard carbide mould milling cutter. It is tool which can be used to cut all kind of quenched steet ≤HRC65. Rotary files are of various shapes and sizes. They are used to machine surfaces and cavities of various kinds of moulds bearing complex shape and requirig high accuracy, it can be used to clear out burr chamfer caused by welding and casting of parts without dust contamination.

Product Information
Technical Details



Mill Diameterd1

3/8" (8 mm)

Length of Cutl1

1-3/4" (22 mm)

Shank Diameter (d2)

1/4" (6 mm)

Overall Length (L2)

2-1/2" (67 mm)






Cylinder with ball top

Flush Type


Pieces / Package


Weight  / Package


Package Size (Inch)

11/16" x 11/16" x 3-1/2" 

18x 18x 90mm

Additional Information

Wariming, Stay Safe !!!

⚠ Always ensure your burr shank is wellinserted into your collet and clamped down tightly

⚠ Wear an eye mask to protect your eyes fromfilings

⚠Different speeds should be adopted according to the difference of processed material quality.


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