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52.4" Double Sliding Door Merchandiser Refrigerator 42 cu.ft /1189 L

TPIN: AMFUXBDKP Condition: New
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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. Working temperature: 32~50°F°F (0°C~10°C)

2. ETL approved, in line with 2017 DOE standards

3. Highly efficient green hydrocarbon gas R290, free of CFC foam

4. Powerful dynamic cooling system, rugged Embraco compressor

5. Digital controller, automatic defrost

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Product Description

Product Benefits

*With hot gas evaporated drip tray, no headache drainage water from defrost

*No frost dynamic cooling system, strong cooling performance with excellent clean display

*Self-closing door + lock&key + LOW-E glass

*On 4 strong casters, 2 with brake

*Enhanced heavy duty shelf, flexible height adjustments

*N~ST wide climate range, over-sized robust Embraco compressor;

*Digital controller, easy to use, visible cold temperature.

*With power switch in the front, no need to go around to the back for switching off.       


This commercial glass door refrigerator offer you a perfect solution for beverage, yogurt, salad and other chilled food display and storage. With a double glazing front door and very bright vertical LED lights, customer can easily see a vivid branding and the freshness of the food.



No matter you have a convenience store, grocery, supermarket or cafeteria, you will find the right equipment from us, since we have 1 door, 2 door and 3 door models with capacity range from 17.6 cuft to 69 cuft. We have sliding door version for 2 door coolers, that enable an establishment for smaller aisle positions.



In order to save your electricity bill and be friendly to environment, we have applied the latest energy saving technologies in these equipment. For instance, these units are equipped with self-closing door to avoid unnecessary energy lost from careless people. Plus LOW-E glass and very high efficient compressor, ECM fan motors and energy saving LED lights, these units are approved with DOE latest standard.



We understand that quality is the first priority when you chose a commercial utility cooler. We choose only good material and component since we believe that to do things right in the beginning is the way of most cost saving! All units have been completely plug-in tested and inspected before shipping to you. Whats more, we offer 1 years warranty, sufficient spare parts and 24h online service to enhance your use experience.


Product Information
Technical Details





Rated Current



115V 60Hz

Input Power






Compressor Location

Bottom Mounted

Operational Temperature



Digital controller

Compressor brand




Totally Capacity

42 cuft / 1189 Liter


LED Lighting


4 universal wheels, 2 with brake

Exterior Finish

Black PCM

Interior Finish

White PCM

Glass door

2 pane front Low-E glass, self closing, with lock

Number of Doors


Number of Shelves




Inner Height

61 15/32 inches 1561.5mm

Inner Width

48 27/64 inches  1230mm

Inner Depth

19 51/64 inches  503mm


79 17/32 inches  2020mm


52 23/64 inches  1330mm


27 9/16 inches  700mm



Packing Size


54.5x29.5x82.7 inches

Additional Information


Q & A

Q : I haven’t heard of R290, R600a, or R513a refrigerant before. What is it?

R290 (also known as high purity propane or CARE 40) and R600a (also known as refrigerant grade Isobutane or CARE 10) are hydrocarbon refrigerants. R513a (also known as Opteon XP10) is an HFO (hydrofluoroolefin) refrigerant. They are being used as an eco-friendly refrigerant by some manufacturers in response to the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program. Read more about this program in our blog post on Refrigerant Regulations.

QWhat if my cooler doesn’t seem to be getting cold enough throughout the cabinet?

Make sure that you are loading it properly, and not overloading it. This unit is designed   for cans, bottles, and similar items that naturally enable good airflow within the cabinet. Overloading the cooler with cases and boxes will interrupt the airflow and negatively impact the unit’s performance.

QCan I use my JAECOOL cooler out door?

JAECOOL cooler is designed for an ambient with maximum 100F 38C and 65% relative humidity.  In case the ambient is higher than that, the cooler performance will be reduced. Higher humidity will cause condensation on glass as well.

QMy cooler’s compressor doesn’t kick on until 47 degrees, what should I do?

Before contacting JAE for warranty service, please try resetting the temperature differential using these instructions.

QWhat is the lifespan for JAECOOL cooler?

JAECOOL cooler is designed for heavy duty use. If the cooler is use and maintained properly, it can work for around 8 years. The key point is keep the cooler away from rusty and dusty environment. Regular condenser cleaning is necessary for extend the cooler lifespan as well as saving energy.


$1,498.00 $1,699.00

In Stock.