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500 Rpm Speed With Splined Low Speed Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor

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1. Radial Hydraulic Motor Theoretical displacement(ml/ R):486

2. Specific torque(Nm / bar):75.8

3. Continuous pressure (bar):25

4. Peak pressure (bar):42.5

5. Continuous speed (rpm):400

6. Maximum speed (rpm):600

7. Peak engine power (kw):59

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Product Description

The XSM series motors are the company's many years of production experience, based on Italian technology for design improvements. The strength of the JNM series motor housing assembly is improved, and the internal dynamic load capacity is enhanced. This feature allows this series of motors to have a high range of continuous functions. Due to the high mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency, the internal unit load force is reduced while reducing the internal unit load force. Its main features are as follows:

(1) Since there is no lateral force between the piston and the swinging cylinder, the bottom of the piston is designed to be statically balanced, and the torque is transmitted between the piston and the crankshaft through the rolling bearing, this reduces the friction loss during the force transmission process. Therefore, the JNM series hydraulic motors have the characteristics of high mechanical efficiency and high starting torque (mechanical efficiency higher than 0.92).

(2) The flat distributor has simple structure, reliable performance, good sealing performance and less leakage. There is no leakage between the piston and the Pendulum cylinder and is sealed by a plastic piston ring, which has a high volumetric efficiency (up to 0.98).

(3) Because the structure reduces the friction loss and improves the sealing performance, the low-speed stability performance is good, and it can run smoothly under the condition of 1r /min, and the speed range is large (the speed ratio can reach 1000).

(4) Since there is no gap between the piston and the bearing sleeve through the snap ring, this series of hydraulic motors can operate under pump conditions. After closing the oil inlet, the motor can run at high speed under idling conditions.

(5) The pressure of this series of hydraulic motors is high, and the maximum pressure can reach 45MPa. Light weight, small size, high specific power.

(6) Due to the simple structure, reasonable design, the use of bearings with large carrying capacity, reliable work, long life and low noise. The drive shaft can withstand radial loads and the direction of rotation is reversible. Since the JNM series hydraulic motors have a series of attractive characteristics, they are widely used in plastic machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, heavy machinery, petroleum mines, hydraulic transmission systems in ship deck machinery, machine tools, plastics, geological drilling equipment and various other machinery. Especially suitable for lifting winches, drum drives, various rotating mechanical drives, crawler and wheel walking mechanism drives, and other transmission machinery.

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