67" Full-Auto Wide Format Cold Laminator With Heat Assisted&Trimmer

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1. Max laminating width: 67" (1650mm)

2. Max laminating thickness: 2" (50mm)

3. Max speed: 39.4 ft/min (12 m/min)

4. Heating method: cold & hot

5. Display: digital

Product Description

WK1700-T1 is a full-auto wide format cold & hot roll laminator can finish wide format graphics up to 67 inches.

Max laminating speed is 65 ft/min (20m/min), which is higher than other models.

This laminator equipped with four trimers with micro-adjust structure ensures accurate cutting position.

Infrared ray of safety deflector device, which makes sure the safety of the operator.


Product Details


1. Top and bottom rollers

The top roll and bottom roll are one of the most important parts of the film covering machine, whose material is silica gel. Silica gel has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-sticky.


2. Drawing axis, film axis, paper axis, and finished product axis

The four mandrels are composed of aluminum rods, aluminum heads, bearings, rubber strips, and other components. The outer diameter is controlled within 3 inches, which facilitates the loading and unloading of conventional film products on the market, such as yellow film, laminating film and so on.


3. Pneumatic switch and cylinder

The pneumatic switch has upper, middle and lower three models. In the case of air in the equipment, the top roll can be lifted up, the top roll can be lowered down, and the middle gear can temporarily lock the air inflow and output. The cylinder type of this equipment is SDA50-30, which makes the lifting height of top roll more than 28 mm.


4. Emergency stop switch

When the machine is in an emergency or dangerous state, the power supply can be cut off by the emergency stop switch and the equipment can be stopped to protect the safety of the person and equipment.


5. Cutters

The use of cutting knife can make it possible to cut vertically and white edges at the same time in the process of film covering.

6. Tighten your grip.

The tightening handle is mainly used to adjust the tightening force of four mandrels. Before leaving the factory, the four handles have been debugged accordingly. Users can use them directly. The tightening force is increased by twisting clockwise; the tightening force is reduced by twisting counterclockwise.


7. Simple panel



Working sketch map


This laminator with heat-assisted can be widely used for pre-masking vinyl graphic, mount prints on the substrate, over laminating inkjet prints and so on. The cold laminator is used to after printing. Available for photographic, Ad. Shop and copy shop to do lamination work, adding a protective layer on books cover, photographic, color pages, documents, charts, drawings, indoor advertising products, etc.


About Wukonlami:

Over the past 14 years, Wukonlami has been worked closely with customers and printer manufactures to provide laminating solutions for the latest print technology. Due to qualified products, competitive prices, and good after-sale services, Wukonlami has been enjoying high prestige and credit among foreign customers and business partners. We have the best quality equipment, strong manufacturing ability, perfect inspection, and test system. To ensure the best production quality, we have passed the certifications of ISO9000 Quality Management System, CE of European. 

Product Information
Technical Details
Model: WK1700-T1
Max laminate width: 1700mm (60")
Max laminate thickness: 28mm (1")
Laminate speed: 0-12 m/min (0-39.4 ft/min)
Enhance way: Pneumatic(Air pump)
Temperature range: 60℃ (140 ℉)
Rated input voltage: 110V 60Hz
Preheating time: 5-10min
Heating way: Infrared heating
Continuous power: 2000W
Trimmer Qty: 4
N.W./G.W.: 160kg/200kg (352.7lb/440.9lb)
Packaging size: 215 x 80 x 73cm (84.6 x 31.5 x 28.7 inch)
Additional Information

$2,504.18 $3,004.18