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Folding Wire Container 48 x 40 x 36 1/2" 4000 Lb Capacity No Casters

TPIN: 1PIYC1H3E Condition: New
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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. Material: Q235, stainless steel 

2. Surface treatment: Galvanized

3. Application: Industrial platform flooring and walkway, traffic and steel structure etc.

4. Collapsible-save space when not in use, ideal for return journeys 

5. Standard half-hinged gate access 

6. Square-stack leg - secure stacking

7. The open wire mesh design allows for full visibility for inventory checks,ventilation and cleanness. 

8. Easily moved around by forklift, even when fully loaded

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Product Description

Wire mesh container

1. Zinc-electroplated finish,Open mesh construction allows excellent ventilation.

2. Stackable with other brand same size products.

3. The side and base mesh is 2" x 2" (5 x 5 cm). 

4. Zinc Electroplate finish measure up to the Rohs .

5. 4-way forklift access.

6. Welded channel base safely stacks up to 4 high.

7. Stackable, with or without casters

8. Storage Cage is made of high quality steel metarials and formed by cold harden welding. It has big strength, good capability and four folded layer. 3D object is achieved. Load capability of different types of storage shelves: 0.8T-2.0T. 

9. Folding structure makes loading, revolving and storing mush convenient. It is easy to managing. It can be accumulated to save apace when it is not used. 

10. The surface is zinc plated, so it is beautiful and durable. There is no pollution in every process. 

11. Warehouse Cage is proper for moving work of forkman crane, traveling crane, lifter, trolly and hydraumatic pallet truck 

12. Services: The size and mode can be choosed according to your requirements. 

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$136.00 $155.00

In Stock.