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1100 Gph Fish Pond Permanent Filters System With UV Light MIT Made In Taiwan

TPIN: LZ3GVF45W Condition: New
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Made in Taiwan

1. Permanent filters 

2. Mechanical and Biological filters.

3. Backwash only need three minutes

4. Backwash with Stirring

5. Pipe diameter: 1.5"

6. Pump: 1/6HP

7. Includes integrated UV Clarifier

8. Max Pump Flow: 1,100 gph

Product Description

Permanent filters Stirring fish pond filtration system

Dai SenFilter material fill steps

Step 1: Follow the installation diagram
Step 2:Pour a certain amount of biochemical stone into the barrel from the upper cleaning hole and spread them by hand.
Step 3: Pour in 3/4 inch ballast stone and spread it by hand.
Step 4:Pour in 1/4 inch ballast stone and spread it by hand.
Step 5:Finally, pour the quartz sand to 2" below the curved tube in the barrel, and pay attention not to exceed the height
of the thread of the agitator, preferably 2" under the thread, and leveling the ballast stone.
Step 6: Put the blender in the bucket and lock it, then fill it full with water (Locking Tip: Align the left and right sides of the
upper cover with the threads before locking)
Step 7:Turn the multi-directional valve to the backwash position, turn on the motor to clean until it is cleaned, about
3-5 minutes, turn off the power and open the bottom switch to drain all the water in the barrel.
Step 8: Turn to the forward washing position and drain all the sewage in the barrel for about 3-5 minutes
before turning to normal filtration.

Main part and accessories Description

Step 1. Remove the 8 screws of the barrel cap and take out the filter material
Step 2. Sequentially pour No.12, No.13, No.14, No.15 into the bucket one by one.
You must first spread the filter material before you pour the next filter material.
Step 3. Finally, clean the plastic ring and barrel cap, then close the cap and lock screw.
Step 4. Construction and installation according to the equipment installation diagram

Filter equipment basic maintenance

1. Because the motor products working 24 hours a day, it is recommended that the motor be

disassembled for simple flushing every month to prevent the bottom of the pump from getting

stuck in the motor due to dirty and causing malfunction.
2.Backwashing once every 3-5 days
3.Backwashing step:
(A)Switch the six-way valve to the backwashing position
(B)Water is drained from the Sewage outlet
(C)The upper stir bar starts to stir counterclockwise, continuously and slowly for about
2-3 minutes, and the dirt is discharged from the sewage outlet.
(D)After completing the stirring backwashing, switch the six-way valve to the filtering position.
(E)Finish the backwashing step.
4. If the filtering equipment rises again the next day after backwashing, it is recommended to open
the upper cover and check the barrel to remove the green algae in the barrel.

Product Information
Technical Details



Maximum Flow



15 3/4" dia X 27 9/16 tall




1/6 HP

UV Light


Filter Materials

Volcanic rock / 3/4 inch ballast stone / 1/4 inch ballast stone / quartz sand

Additional Information

Net Weight

154.32 lbs

Gross Weight

161 lbs

Packing Dimensions

31.5" X 17.72"X 29.13"

$1,480.00 $2,000.00

In Stock.