Pond Filter With UV Light 1100 Gph MIT Filtration System Made In Taiwan

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Made in Taiwan

1. Permanent filters 

2. Mechanical and Biological filters.

3. Backwash only need three minutes

4. Backwash with Stirring

5. Pipe diameter: 1.5"

6. Pump: 1/6HP

7. Includes integrated UV Clarifier

8. Max Pump Flow: 1,100 gph

Product Description

About US

Dasen Energy Conservation Company was established in 2018. We hope to use energy-saving technology in the water purification and industrial ventilation and cooling markets to contribute to the earth. At present, the fish pond filtration system is used in high-density aquaculture filtration systems. , Fengshui pond, high-density aquaculture filtration system, groundwater filtration system, swimming pool, ecological pool filtration system, etc., are some of the few fully automatic filtration equipment in Taiwan that does not need to replace the filter material and consumes less energy.

Permanent filters Stirring fish pond filtration system

Features of Dasencooling - Mixing filtering

1. No dead spots in the filter tank, so no bacteria will grow.

2. Filtration by mixing eliminates clumps in the filter, makes the filter last longer, and avoids secondary contamination.

3. It takes only 1-2 minutes of reverse filtration, thus significantly shortening time and saving water and electricity expenses.

4. Filtration by mixing helps reduce motor power and thus saves electricity expenses.

5. Enlarged cleaning port makes cleaning easier, thus saving labor.

6. Large-flow six-way valve allows easy operation. Filtering and reverse filtering both only take one single valve.

7. Produced by CNS-labeled factory with guaranteed quality.

8. Integration of physics, biochemistry, high-speed filtration, and depth, produce optimal filtration, excellent water quality.

9. Dose without UV sterilizing lamp. No more green water, crystal clear to the bottom of the tank.

10. Able to strain all suspending matters in the water.

11. Upgraded to fully automatic mixing filtration.

12. Made of SUS304 steel and paint that can withstand 250 Centigrade temperatures, making it look good&last long.

Applicable areas:

● Scenic Fish Pool

● Ecology Pond

● Swimming Pool

● Groundwater

● River Building

● High-Density Farming

● No Filter Replacement

Main part and accessories Description

Step 1. Remove the 8 screws of the barrel cap and take out the filter material

Step 2. Sequentially pour No.12, No.13, No.14, No.15 into the bucket one by one.

          You must first spread the filter material before you pour the next filter material.

Step 3. Finally, clean the plastic ring and barrel cap, then close the cap and lock screw.

Step 4. Construction and installation according to the equipment installation diagram

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Product Information
Technical Details



Maximum Flow


Appropriate Flow



15 3/4" dia X 27 9/16 tall

Flow (T/H)





1/6 HP

UV Light






Filter Materials

Volcanic rock / 3/4 inch ballast stone / 1/4 inch ballast stone/quartz sand



Country of Origin

Additional Information

Net Weight

154.32 lbs

Gross Weight

161 lbs

Packing Dimensions

31.5" X 17.72"X 29.13"


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