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Heat Preservation Hopper Dryer 460V 3-P 55lbs

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1. Power supply : 460V 3 phase 60hz

2. Solution : downward airflow and circumfluent hot air

3. Materials : stainless steel

4. Drying temperature : 80~160℃(176~320℉)

5. Capacity : 55LB (25KG)

Product Description

1 Openable window for view and inspection,excellent airthight and it is easy for cleaning materials .

2 Equipment with microcomputer controller which can recuce accident caused by men's wrong operation or mechanical error. 

3 All models offer aluminium bottom,feet suction box, hot-air recycling system,and air filter for options .

4 The whole machine is insulated when the high temperature resistance is selected .

5 Unique downward airflow and circumfluent hot air ensure even drying and high efficiency.

6 Material contact parts are made of stainless steel to assure purity of materials.

Product Information
Technical Details
Power 460V 3phase 60HZ
Capacity 55LB (25KG)
Heating power 4KW
Blower power 2/10KW
Total power 4 KW
Drying temperature 80~160℃(176~320℉)
Material stainless steel
Insulation cotton 2 inch(50mm),Aluminum silicate wool
Temperature Controller computer board
Feature Down-blowing stainless steel double-layer insulation
Height 38 in (970mm)
Wide 31 in (790mm)
Diameter 64-1/2 (1640mm)
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