Heat Preservation Hopper Dryer 460V 3P 55lbs

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1. Power supply : 460V 3 phase 60hz

2. Solution : downward airflow and circumfluent hot air

3. Materials : stainless steel

4. Drying temperature : 80~160℃(176~320℉)

5. Capacity : 55LB (25KG)

Product Description

1.Openable window for view and inspection,excellent airthight and it is easy for cleaning materials.

2. Equipment with microcomputer controller which can recuce accident caused by men's wrong operation or mechanical error. 

3. All models offer aluminium bottom,feet suction box, hot-air recycling system,and air filter for options .

4. The whole machine is insulated when the high temperature resistance is selected.

5. Unique downward airflow and circumfluent hot air ensure even drying and high efficiency.

6. Material contact parts are made of stainless steel to assure purity of materials.

Product Information
Technical Details
Power 460V 3phase 60HZ
Capacity 55LB (25KG)
Heating power 4KW
Blower power 2/10KW
Total power 4 KW
Drying temperature 80~160℃(176~320℉)
Material stainless steel
Insulation cotton 2 inch(50mm),Aluminum silicate wool
Temperature Controller computer board
Feature Down-blowing stainless steel double-layer insulation
Height 38 in (970mm)
Wide 31 in (790mm)
Diameter 64-1/2 (1640mm)
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