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ER11M Collet Nut M13 X 0.75 Pitch

TPIN: K99YK57H3 Condition: New
6.9 $6.90

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WARRANTY: 1-YEAR Warranty For Parts, Service and Repair by:yutool

1. ER11M Collet Nut has an internal thread of M13 X 0.75 pitch

2. Outside diameter is  0.63"(16mm)

3. ER11M Collet Nut holds all ER11 collets

4. ER11M-Wrench works on this collet nut

5. Balanced to 20000rpm at G2.5

6. Material: 20CrMnTi.

7. Made from alloy steel hardened to 50-53 HRC

Product Description

High speed high accuracy high durability ER-M Type nuts

High Precision Accessories ER collets nut for ER type handle, the knife rod, extension rod nut. Selection of high quality spring steel, has a higher flexibility and service life.The clamping force, clamping range, high precision, used for boring, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding and engraving processing. ER collets all through high precision grinding, precision manufacturing line with the German DIN 6499 specifications.

We also have many kinds of NUTS, such as, A type, GER type, MS type, UM type, M type, KM type, NER type, and so on. The size of ER-M Type is ER16UM, ER20UM, ER25UM, ER32UM, ER40UM, ER50UM.

Comprehensive features of ER-M nuts

1. Material: 20 CrMnTi.

2. Made from alloy steel hardened to 50-53 HRC

3. Heat treatment and thermal aging treatment have improved the stability of accuracy and dimensions.

4. Thread and a slope of 30 degrees have once molding processed. The tolerance class of thread use 4H, accuracy detected one by one.

5. Pre-balance is G2.5-20000RPM.

6. Surface coating processing treatment, improve surface hardness and endurance, cleaness better, antirust, accuracy more stable, surface more smooth, feel comfortable, appearance nice.

How to install the collet nut?

Operation is shown in the figure above

1. Put the collets into the nut, turn the collets slightly. Push it into the nut at the offered direction evenly when the offset flange sinks into the undercut of the collets.

2. Fix the nut and the collets on the spindle rotate the nut until  the collets is in pressing, Wipe the straight shank of cutter, and insert it into the pilot hole. Tighten the nut with a wrench till the cutter is clamped heavily (Caution: never tighten the nut without cutter in it for it will break).

3. When changing the tool. Loosen the nut and it shall bring out the collets and the cutter together. And then draw the cutter out push out slightly the collets in the offered   direction, it shall be ready for any change of the cutter.


The special structure is for balance to make sure the status of circular uniform distribution.

The collets chuck will not be loosened during machining, and please assemble and disassemble the chuck as the marked direction.

Product Information
Technical Details


Brand Namechongde
Thread Size(T)M13 x 0.75
Outside Diameter( D)0.63" (16mm)
Overall Length (L)0.47" (12mm)
Net Weight0.04 lbs
Gross Weight0.05 lbs

0.65" × 0.65"× 0.5"

Additional Information


In Stock.